Colds.. and some of my homestead helpers..

Well, I was going to post a recipe today, then I started a post about how awesome my hubby is in the fact that he got up early and did all my morning chores so I could sleep in, and not need to go out and get chilled with my cold.. (such a great guy) he even brought me hot tea, oranges and breakfast in bed and then said.. get some more sleep dear.

but then it got long and went off topic so it got moved over to the Bucket List Blog.. which is fine but it didn’t give me a post for the farm blog 🙂

My hubby caught the cold at work, and tried his best to not give it to me and he is on the tale end of it, I am going straight into it..

  • washing my mouth out with salt-water rinses
  • Using my nette pot for my nose with the bought mix, I like the pre-done mixes
  • Elderberry tonic, 3x a day.
  • High Bush Cranberry Tea and or Lemon-Crown Royal Tea (both are either syrup or Jelly that is mixed with hot water or into regular tea’s for a boost.
  • Sprouts (I am up to eating six cups of fresh sprouts daily for a next while.. split into two or three times a day)
  • Nettles – O yes, dried nettles in so many ways.. as a green, steeped in tea and more..
  • Pepperment salve on my feet and warm socks
  • Pepperment and Lemongrass oil in my steamer for when I got to bed..

Lots of water, and lots of rest.. sleep is so important.. so far, I am doing pretty good and if I needed to, I could pull myself up by the boots and getter done.


Instead, I am having a take care of me day, I am resting, I am drinking lots of hot things, I am napping, I am snuggling the hounds and the purrpots..  I have leftovers for supper, and I cooked a lovely sweet potato for lunch, mashed it well with a bit of herbs and butter and it was so yummy..   good for you, soothing and orange fleshed is always a good thing.

The perks of doing the work when you feel good is that with a little helping hand, you can take the day to heal if you need it.. today is day 3, typically the hardest hitting day..  if you need it, maybe you find the time to rest today..



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