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Dear Hubby Health and Diet

Early this Late summer/fall, we had heart health scare and issue with Dear Hubby, requiring some trips to emergency,  medical treatments and daily medications. Combined and or in part due finding out that he is now type 2 Diabetic.   He … Continue reading

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Put your Mushrooms in the Sunlight Vit D

Forgot about keeping your mushrooms final moments in the dark.. put them in the sun and reap the Vit D.  As a Canadian and all of us that live in the northern climates, we are told to take Vit D … Continue reading

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Lets talk about Health for a moment..

Well, Its almost the end of Oct and I am still coughing.. Sigh.. I have had some very supportive folks, supportive comments but I have also gotten the “are you still sick?” Wow.. sick again? (uh, no, still sick..) and … Continue reading

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Chaga Power Ball Recipe

Loved this new recipe from Adagio Natural’s..  I have been adding Chaga into my healing program for my back injury and for overall general “health boost”. I am also personally working with chaga from Adigio’s Birch Ridge Collection in its … Continue reading

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Naturally Pink Sugar Scrub to be Gifted

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. A lovely homemade gift means so much coming from a loved one.  This is one of those easy to make gifts to give away.  Its also perfect for a little gift for yourself!? … Continue reading

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Lets talk about Homesteaders and Health.

So many of the “idea’s and dreams about homesteading says that we will have better health for it.. Working our bodies, working with our hands, growing our own food, harvesting 0 mile eggs/milk/meat. Hunting and Fishing, hiking and horseback riding.. … Continue reading

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Colds.. and some of my homestead helpers..

Well, I was going to post a recipe today, then I started a post about how awesome my hubby is in the fact that he got up early and did all my morning chores so I could sleep in, and … Continue reading

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Kombucha tea and my Scoby

I make the most basic Kombucha Tea, I mean I only like a light ferment for a f1, which means no fizz, no fruit and nothing fancy.. A fresh ferment to me taste like sweetish apple cider, its just delightful.. … Continue reading

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Health Report– an homework

So I had back to back appointments at the doctors office, next round of things that needed to be done to be sent to the fertility clinic, confirmed that all other tests are back and normal or negative.. I am … Continue reading

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Health Update

Well, as I have been sharing my ever so fun journey from mid summer till pretty much the first part of jan, falling, breaking bones, the loss of my step father, heading to alberta for six weeks, ending up very … Continue reading

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