Dear Hubby Health and Diet

Early this Late summer/fall, we had heart health scare and issue with Dear Hubby, requiring some trips to emergency,  medical treatments and daily medications.

Combined and or in part due finding out that he is now type 2 Diabetic.   He is on two kinds of meds, a very strict diet that needs to be a combo of Diabetic/Heart health and unlike most Diabetics he does not have weight lose.. in fact he needs to stop losing weight, hold steady and start building more muscle mass.  For him because he does not have weight to lose, he needs to work the excess sugars in his blood by exercise.

Both a very good thing and a challenge given he does not have his standing desk at home like he did at work.. this puts him in his chair for longer timings then I would like, at some point, we will see if we can figure out or build a space that can be used as a standing desk.  We are looking into the idea of being able to claim a good percent as we have a full room that is going into office working space.  We are hopeful that we will be able to get the right T4 paperwork to claim some of the costs from working from home.

While the first part was VERY hard, I really like our medical doctor who cheerfully pointed out that we are lucky that DH is so healthy and strong.. this was a total HUH moment for me I will still running on empty from days of little to no sleep.. as she explained that he ran a full running race heart wise for about 5 hours and never slowed down and didn’t throw a heart attack that in the end after 3 IV doses to finally bring that insane heart rate down.. he said.. my heart feels tired.. According to her, most peaple can only have the heart rate he had for 15 to 20 minutes before they throw a heart attack or get the meds to slow it down..

I am beyond grateful that we had a doctor who feel that part of the reason he has no internal damage on any of the tests, scans and so on is because of our food on the farm and understood that while I would need to make changes, that eating whole food, fruit, milk, eggs and grass fed is the way to go!

We had a month were the allowed carb count was crazy low for the whole day never mind the meals.. but as his blood sugars are getting stable in the low and mid 6’s, instead of his worst highs are being given a bit more flex in our carb counts in the main meals..  after his next 3 month testing, we will see if we can go to the more standard carbs per main meal and 2 snacks..

I grew food for our storage that does not work but can go to friends or livestock.. so many winter potato’s.. its a good thing the pigs and chickens and such love them so much once they are cooked..   I have tried 3 times to use even the smallest amount of spuds and he spikes each time.. for now at least.. no more potato’s a staple that must be replaced in our gardens, pantry, canning and cooking..


I will be bringing in heavy homemade sour dough rye bread back this month and we will see if in small amounts we can have some or if it will cause spikes.   So far Ryvita does not and as its rye based and as sour dough long slow rise bread is the favored way to go, we are going to combine the two of them..

Hubby has a “medical order” for 5 days a week of X amount of walking, which works well for many things but as winter is coming and we are still in a modified stage 2 lockdown locally, we are most certainly not leaving the farm to go anywhere indoors to be able to get his required “this much heart rate” for this long. Poor guy has to stop and do jumping jacks off and on to get his heart rate up higher on his walks/hikes .  so we will be getting one indoor piece of workout equipment..  Still in research mode on that at this point..

Clearly the goal is to work to get those numbers down and to get him off the meds as much as possable..

Stress and worry and a month an some of the new eating and I have lost over 25 pounds myself..  which I certainly can stand to lose.. it will not hurt me at all..  but I am finding myself very tired indeed..

Winter is coming and things will soon give me time to sleep more.. but not yet.. there is things to do and prepare..   In keeping with this, there will be even more whole food, lower carb meals, with lots of Soups, Stews, Chili’s.. more use for Beans, Lentils and Barley..

We are moving from the sweet side to the Savory flavour profiles which is a interesting challenge for me in the kitchen..

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9 Responses to Dear Hubby Health and Diet

  1. Silver says:

    Sorry to hear about his health scare, but I am glad to hear he is on the mend. I miss my standing desk that I had in the office – I have decided to wish for money towards a standing desk for Christmas from everyone, as it looks like we will be working from home for a very long time.

  2. Cydira says:

    I am sorry to hear about the health problems. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes a few years ago. It was really rough in the beginning getting medications figured out and getting diet figured out. If you are inclined to read magazines, Diabetic Living has a lot of helpful tips and recipes that I have found to be really useful for a reasonable cost for a yearly subscription. I also wanted to share with you that getting sick in any fashion is going to really mess with your husband’s blood sugar. Careful monitoring and temporary changes in eating may be necessary even if he gets a simple cold. It’s not fun, but it’s better to be safe and annoyed with having a pincushion finger. Best of luck to you all and I hope that the exercise is helpful with the heart stuff.

    • Thank you for your advice on both the magazine and for the tip about really watching things in regards to being sick and blood sugar.. those poor hands, 4 tests a day is lot of pricks in a week.. sigh.. I hear you on the meds and the side effects.

  3. Glad to hear that hubby is getting better. That must have been such a scary time for you.
    It is also nice to hear that eating good food has a noticeable benefit on our bodies. FWIW, my brother (Type 1 and very brittle) has a stationary bike at home that he can use to help control his blood sugar when it gets too high. If nothing else, you can always use it to hang your laundry on when no one is riding it LOL.
    Take care and stay well.

    • We had been in and out of emerg and they sent us home and he was here even 3 hours before it went again and that time we called the medicals to come and get him so that if he did throw a heart attack at least he was with them and not in the car with me.. when I was left on the driveway not allowed to go, not sure what was coming it was so scary and world shaking as I waited those hours for news.. but thankfully it was good news.. yes changing news but still good news.. Thanks for the indoor bike tip..

      • OMG. How horrible. I can’t even imagine. Glad it had a happy ending.

      • It was brutal the first time I took him in, I have driven him and they stopped me, I was like, I live X away.. and they were like.. well you can sit with your mask on that bench or you can wait in your car and call this number for updates.. I was in my car for 8 hours in the parking lot.. which is why I learned to understand when they said.. wait at home.. or wait in the parking lot.. so hard

      • Well here is a belated cyber hug for you. I can only imagine…

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