Kombucha tea and my Scoby

I make the most basic Kombucha Tea, I mean I only like a light ferment for a f1, which means no fizz, no fruit and nothing fancy.. A fresh ferment to me taste like sweetish apple cider, its just delightful..


How this mix of yeast and bacteria takes plain sweet black tea and turns it into a tart but delightful drink is just amazing.. my scoby is a bit darker because I use a very dark tea, I laugh at the looks of my scoby on my link above from last fall, I thought it was so pretty, now I know it got the job done but It was young and wild.. its amazing what six months of learning and do will teach you..


My Big Scoby is a very happy girl indeed.. her nickname is scoby doo, she makes new babies like the boss..



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