Lets talk about Health for a moment..

Well, Its almost the end of Oct and I am still coughing.. Sigh..

I have had some very supportive folks, supportive comments but I have also gotten the “are you still sick?” Wow.. sick again? (uh, no, still sick..) and the boy you are sure sick a lot..

So I figured this post is a good idea to share some things and because I can NOT be the only homesteader that has had a bad health year or reduced health and how do you deal with it!

The first thing to talk about is the “cold/flu” or at least that is what I thought it was until I went to the doctor and its viral and they call it the 100 day cough..  100 days is VERY long time..

when you have already been sick for three weeks and the doctor looks at you and says another 2 to 6 weeks before you really start to feel better, we can’t really fix it.. your body needs to.. here is what I can give you meds and inhalers.

Now for my hubby that means that he is still coughing five weeks into it and that he is tired but working and dealing..

For me however these is far more going on..

  • Body recovering from pregancy
  • Body recovering from Losing the wee one
  • Body hormones totally out of wack! (first period finally came and then lasted a full two weeks.. which was checked but still brutal and wearing)
  • Throw in some low blood pressure (better then high I know)
  •  Then put the 100 day viral infection on it

If I am well in another month, I will jump for joy..  honestly though, it took months and months to change my hormones and it will take months and months to try and work to bring them back to normal.

Now lets talk about the other thing that is effecting me

  • weight gain

Its a factor, I know its a factor.. I had gotten down 3 sizes and I could really see how much it was helping me in so many ways.. I have gain back 2 sizes over the past year, between the back injury and the wee one.. I stopped losing and started gaining.

I feel it big time! and it must be dealt with.. One meal at a time.. one day at a time..

So I have cut out milk and most milk products for the past few weeks as it’s one of the worst food for making mucus. I really miss my milk but it has made a improvement in my cough and the critters loved getting it in different ways while hubby was gone and hubby has a very dry cough and does not seem bothered by the milk..

For about 10 days, I was at the point that what you eat makes a difference on how you feel.. its not until you are truly ill that you are reminded that different foods digest at different rates and some are much easier then others..

I really lowered my meat intake and increased my baked or mashed veggies or soup intake..  Some things just sit better when you are not feeling well..

I am lucky to have a mate that can do the main basic chores when needed but I am the full time farm worker and boy can you tell that I have been on part time for months now..

So many things need work done on them.. and its not hubby that needs to pull more weight, he already is gone for 12 hours total a day for his full time job..  One person can only do so much.

There are no children to help even on small things, no adult children to come home and give a hand and no grandkiddo’s for the same reason..  So often on many many homesteads there are many hands to make things work.. there are visits  and helping hands given..

In my case I had called in a few work days and a few work projects from friends and I am grateful to the max that they came, they worked, they helped.. It got done!

However fall is here.. winter prep is here.. so much to do and I am not even truly well enough to be doing part time (I consider part time hours to be 2 to 4 work hours daily or at least a solid 5 days a week)..

I am keeping the house (barely) to and making meals.. the energy I did have went into putting up the food from the gardens, then the energy I had while hubby was gone was put 100 percent into making sure my critters care needs were meet..  Each day I would drag myself out and do feed out, water, haul, and such.. there were days where I could do one pen and then rest, then do sheep hay and then rest.. then do horse hay then rest.. haul the hose and a chair and rest..

I don’t care how sad it looked.. what I care about is that everyone was feed, watered and pens and such kept up.. that is what mattered to me..

Now I need to focus on feeding and moving my body back to health..  I will keep you posted on how it goes.. I am aiming for a general update say every two weeks or once a month..

Anyone ever been told they have low blood pressure, while they are running a few more tests, they believe at this time its pregnancy related and hormone related..  I hope they are right as there were a few more things on that “low blood pressure” list that were a touch more worrying.. any advice anyone would like to share about low blood pressure, I would love to hear it! Send me links, tell me about your own journey.. share this or that?  I am all ears?

On with the day.. on with the day!


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14 Responses to Lets talk about Health for a moment..

  1. mariazannini says:

    Sorry you’re still sick. I understand about a cough that won’t go away. Whenever I get bronchitis or the flu, the associated cough lingers for weeks.

    I’ve found the only thing that helps is to constantly sip water. It means I go to the bathroom a lot, but when I drink water (and only water) the cough clears up a few weeks sooner. Hope you find out about why your blood pressure is low.

  2. Nicola says:

    Being long term sick sucks. I whole heartedly agree with “I don’t care how sad it looks, I am doing it so mind your business!”. We have also used that approach with Leo since he was sick. We do a lot of tasks with him sitting in a chair at least some of the time. We are building a shed, I am reading the instructions, which befuddle him, and passing him the right bits one at a time and showing him where they go. He does the high bits, I do the floor level bits. It’s been good for us. good for our marriage to find these new ways of cooperating. We made a lawn tractor trailer the other day. The sense of achievement is good for both of us. He does what he can and sleeps when he’s tired. I need to get back into that routine. I don’t want to be depressing, but I got something apparently viral in 2004. It’s never really gone away. It recurs and remits. I now know how to manage it, in the most part. Last year I tried to ignore it, as I could not be ill while Leo was ill. I did too much, I knew it, and now I am operating at such a low level and finding it hard to pick up from that point. I think the trauma makes it worse, I am sure that is true for you and Jason too. For me, resting when tired, lots of fermented food, especially water kefir, lots of mental health self care seems to help. I hope you find the recipe of things that work for you.

    • Hi Nicola

      You just have to.. I was taking my evening short sunset walk with a walking stick in each hand.. someone drove by and stared and I know it will get spread around.. but I don’t care.. I am just proud that I got out and took a walk with my hubby.. slow an steady but still gets that blood moving.. walk is so good for you! I am glad you and leo are finding your way and congrats on the things you are building together. I agree each person must find what works for them and I hope you find a way to increase your own management.. We can cheer each other on 🙂

  3. Sheri says:

    I have several lady friends who changed their eating habits and lost a lot of weight following the advice and diet of Dr. Steven Gundry. He has a few books out and one is “Dr. Gundry’s Diet Evolution Turn Off the Genes That Are Killing You and Your Waistline”. I’ve seen the awesome change in these ladies and if I was to diet I would give this one priority.

  4. picaritabasura says:

    Maybe it’s time for a WOOFer.

    • it might be time to consider getting some extra help in. My farm helpers (teens) have all grown up and moved on.. but I think I might ask around and see if there are any teens that might like to put in a few hours now and again for some extra spending cash. I am leary on woofer… the local farm kids are hard working and they know the basic’s.. and they go home at night lol.. I will look into it more though.

  5. Sending you healing vibes for your continued recovery.
    The health of my partner was a large reason we made the decision we made to sell our place so I understand how hard and scary it can be. I hope you start to feel better soon.

  6. Widdershins says:

    Being unwell long-term really sucks … don’t those little pieces of virus know we have a life!!!

  7. You know I understand V, hang in there!
    Blood pressure issues – low OR high – Hawthorn! https://pfaf.org/user/Plant.aspx?LatinName=Crataegus+monogyna
    Re The 100-Days’ Cough: Drosera, Bryonia and the third which escapes me right now (but sending you the rest of this before it gets lost!:/)
    Also a couple of TBSP of Respiractin and Colloidal Silver, 50/50 as often as necessary through the day; smaller doses of Vit. C and antioxidants, but many times per day with a glass of water. Still thinking, but here’s a bit for now…

    • I have noticed a great improvement since I started drinking regular amounts of high bush cranberry Syrup “hot tea” and I have taken to smudging the house with mullien.. I will look to the hawthorn and learn more about the blood pressure on the low end.. Thank you for thinking of me..

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