Pumpkin Carving From The Bottom

Once a long time ago.. the lovely lady that writes this blog and I were collage roommates.. I still remember that halloween with her.. I have never seen anyone as excited to clean and roast and eat her pumpkin seeds..

This post brought back such a warm feeling to my heart know she is sharing that joy of this season with her littles..

Read on for a great treat and tip on how to make your pumpkin this year!

Different From the Ordinary

This is a picture of my daughter cleaning the guts and seeds out of a pumpkin. You probably can’t tell by looking at this picture, but she’s cleaning it out from the bottom end, and not through the top, as is usually done.

I learned this little trick years ago and it’s saved me from COUNTLESS moments of burning my fingers trying to angle the lighter so as to light the candle wick instead of my fingers. I don’t care what anyone says – this sort of task does NOT improve over time and practice!

However, if you cut the pumpkin from the bottom, you can make a place for your votive candle (by scooping out some of the shell) so that it sits safely. When you place your completely carved pumpkin over the bottom piece, it’s a bit of a challenge to line it up *just right* so that…

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3 Responses to Pumpkin Carving From The Bottom

  1. Thehendzels says:

    Aww… thanks Val! ❤️

  2. Not sure where I heard about it first, but we’ve also been doing it this way for years and Dina’s SO right about it being easier all-round… (Once the guts are all cleaned out, I like to use a marker to make a reference line across the cut at the ‘back’ so you can easily see how the top and bottom line up (and it won’t show later: )
    And also, by prepping your pumpkin this way, you don’t need to worry about doing a bad cut and having the lid shrink and fall inside:/ )
    Love, love, LOVE toasted Pumpkin seeds! (And SO GOOD for you too!)
    Thanks for sharing with us Val (and Dina!)♥️♥️

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