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Eating for Health

While I am beyond grateful for getting some answers in regards to my health, one of the things that came out of it was that I needed to work harder to clean up my eating habits and slowly but surely … Continue reading

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Do you want your Lambs or Kids to be birthed in daytime hours?

Would you like to know how a simple change can help increase your flock or herd’s day time lambing rates? Do you dislike cold winter all night baby watch, checks and 1 to 4 am birthing times. How you ask? … Continue reading

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ice car races or is that mud races :)

Long day from start to finish..  ice car racing was on my bucket list for this year! Registered, early morning and with the awesome 43.. so kind of a great young man to allow me to race in the ladies … Continue reading

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Hay Costs Winter 2016-2017

For those that where reading my blog though-out 2016, you know that we had a major local drought.. not a little drought.. but a zone 3 bright red drought in my area with level 2 drought around us.. up and … Continue reading

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Help on the farm

I got a interesting comment on one of my recent posts about the fact that I don’t appear to have much outside help on the farm.. She is not wrong.. In 12 years, we have hired and or bartered our own helping … Continue reading

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Sausage Making at Big Brothers.. Bear Sausage recipe

My big Brother lives in the northern part of alberta and he is a hunter, so if you are non-hunting, please stop reading now LOL, no really its not that bad but just giving a heads up, he is black … Continue reading

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Lamb Heart Stirfry with Coucous

This is a lovely way to serve heart, this is quick fry thinly sliced prepped heart Lamb Heart Stirfry Lamb Heart- 1 Whole Trimmed and sliced heart (or about 6 to 8 Chicken Hearts or 1/4th of a beef heart) … Continue reading

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Pecking Order on the farm..

I have so many post rumbling around my head today, I promised to do a post on how to make a good basic bread with photos, I am working on a butcher post with ways to perserve that meat from salting … Continue reading

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Being Sick…Lesson’s learned

Ask for help Go to bed Let go of how things should be done and just let your mate do them Try and keep your sense of humor, getting cranky does no one any good! Some food will taste good … Continue reading

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Freezer Camp

Part of life on the farm is the fact that we are raising a percent of our animals each year for food production. Now the reason I say a percent is that I keep back breeding animals on my little … Continue reading

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