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Battered Fried Perch Fish Roe

I made a number of battered tiny packages of these and I finally have found the way I like them an that I feel give steady results. I read a number of recipes on line and I did try them, … Continue reading

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Food in Jars Challange 2017- Salt Curing- Egg Yolks

One cup of canning salt, one cup of sugar with the ratio of 50/50 for whatever amount you need for the amount of egg yolks you are doing, I did chicken because that is what is laying right now on … Continue reading

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Food in Jars Challange 2017- Salt perserving- Salmon with Nettle

In week two of my months long Food in Jars Challenge 2017 – Salt preserving Two lovely cuts of salmon were bought, thawed out and a bowl of salt-sugar at 50-50 in percent and a full cup of dried nettle greens … Continue reading

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Canadian Northern Spruce Tip Salt

I adore my spruce tips, I use them in many ways.. I always make spruce tip salt and spruce tip sugar, I make a full pint of each every year for cooking though out the year to come. While the … Continue reading

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Freezer Camp 2016

Well, 2016 is officially done and its the first time in all these years on the farm that I have done ALL! the butchering. From wee quail to 600 plus pound pigs to everything in between, all done by myself.. … Continue reading

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Home Butchering -Saving Money

Let talk about butchering for moment shall we.. I normally say Freezer camp,  it my PC way for saying, killing, butchering and processing an animal raised for its flesh, hide, bones, feathers and blood. Today in the most gentle way … Continue reading

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Homemade Dark Baked Beans

I have been craving a big old pot of baked beans, its just a thick hearty dish perfect for winter, I just can not learn to like the local maple flavoured beans, I want the deep rich bacon tomato based … Continue reading

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Sausage Making at Big Brothers.. Bear Sausage recipe

My big Brother lives in the northern part of alberta and he is a hunter, so if you are non-hunting, please stop reading now LOL, no really its not that bad but just giving a heads up, he is black … Continue reading

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Pig, and more Pig means lots of Pork.. o my..

Well, we got another big 250 plus pound gilt done today for our own home use, it went well, we are getting in the grove on this now that we have done five large blacks and one pot belly pig … Continue reading

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Creamed Pork Spleen on Toast-Recipe

Well, I have to admit that finding recipes for pigs spleen on the net or in my books is like finding hens teeth. I tapped my old cookbooks, nothing, I tapped my elders, nothing (they didn’t eat it) I dug … Continue reading

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