Battered Fried Perch Fish Roe

I made a number of battered tiny packages of these and I finally have found the way I like them an that I feel give steady results.

I read a number of recipes on line and I did try them, some the batter came off, deep fried had about a 30 second window between perfect and egg glue lol I faithfully tried each batch and then my hounds got the rest of them..

Then we got a winner.. O yes, I stand by these little pockets of crispy thinner edges, bursts of flavour and a pocket of creamy yummy fish roe middle.

I would serve these with potato hash-browns or on a light fresh green salad, or even on fancy bits of toasted breads with a bit of a home mayo under an a touch of fresh dill on top would be awesome.


  • 1 large farm fresh egg- beaten till light an fluffy
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • 1 table spoon cornmeal
  • just enough milk to make a thinner batter
  • pinch salt, pepper
  • half tsp of Chili powder

Beat all together really well till smooth

Take your fresh chilled roe and remove all skin and create table spoon portions, in a fry pan put a good amount of oil or lard an melt it down, you want it as med-high but not smoking.

I had eight portions with the batter given, add all you well drained Roe portions to the batter an  allow it cover them, take out a single portion with a standard slotted serving spoon and pour into its spot in the hot oil, swirl it flatter from the top to get it to level out with thinner edges and the main thickness in the middle.

Do not touch it until you have golden edges, then nudge it to make sure its loose off the bottom, cook until solid enough to flip, only needs about 30 second or so once flipped (think easy over eggs) Do NOT over cook these..

Enjoy them hot with the rest of the meal..

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