Canning Round Up March -2017

2017 Please note for ease of tracking, I will be rounding everything up or down into pints.. example, if I do 7 quarts of something, it will be written as 14 pints, if I do 8 80z jars it will be written as 4 pints..  you get the idea.. It will make my life so much easier when I am the math each month for a round up this year..  🙂 I will try? to keep the page updated on this on the blog directly but will only share this post at the end of the month. It will be both a monthly round up and a running count for the year.

Total Pints to date for 2017- 86 Pints

Canning Running List.

Feb Update

No canning done in Feb – However I used a total of 47 pints from the pantry thoughout the month of Feb. Out of homemade Canned Corn

March Update

March was a lean canning month (which just makes sense when you don’t buy much off the farm)

  • -9 pints of Pickled Beets
  • 18 pints of ground pork

On the flip side.. man did we eat out of our Pantry this month, total use 104 pints, this was a mix of veggies (because our root veggies are done or are turning at this point or will be used for seed growing on the bi-annual plants) Fruits (almost all fruit in the freezers other then raspberry is done as well.. so we are eating fruit out of the pantry canned or dried only at this point) and Pickle’s of all kinds and of course canned meats, I am working hard to use up meat that is getting older in the freezers but sometimes, its just so much easier to get the pre-cooked canned meat from downstairs when I am pulling together whole meals out of the canning pantry.

This coming month will not have anything really in terms of veggies or fruits but it will be a meat heavy canning month.. it will be a combo of canning meats up from the freezers and also the weather is finally starting to work with me for the Hoggart to be butchered out..

Some  of the leaner meat will be cured out and made into Lamb Jerky..

I want them done in April, the days are warm enough for me to be butchering them without getting to cold but the evenings are dropping down below 0 for hanging and the chilled meat is so much easier to work with on the cutting table. While a number of the legs will go into cures and be hung and smoked for longer termer use. Some will be Deboned out and cured into Lamb Ham

The back Straps will be saved for the freezer and some very special meats but the rest of the meat will be deboned, cubed or ground and canned up for later use.. The fat is very much wanted and will be trimmed, rendered and saved for future candle making and or soap making or salve use.




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