Lime Pina Colada Marmalade (jam)

Lime Pina Colada Marmalade.


Wash 8 limes and take off tags and the end.. then grate the peel off then all.. leaving as much white as possible on the lime.


Then roll your limes well to help get the juice flowing and cut in half and get every drop of lime juice out of them, I got just shy of a cup, top up to a cup with water if needed or if very dry limes, top up with store bought lime juice.


In a large heavy bottomed pot, combine rind, juice and 2 cups of pina colada drink mix to slow but steady simmer for five min so that your peel gets a chance to cook and blends into the marmalade.


Then add in five cups of sugar, bring to a boil.. add your one box of dry pectin and bring back up to a full roiling boil for a min.. skim the foam and then jar into your prepared jars and into the waterbath for ten min.

Its a creamy off white with lovely bright green flecks in it.. and its flavour is a mix of fresh bright lime with undertones of pineapple and coconut.. just delightful!  It did not set up as firm as I would like.. but its well within norms. it holds on a spoon but spreads into those drips over the edge once on..

I wanted to drizzle this over baked apples but alas my horses have been gifted all the fresh apples in the house lol, so I am out..

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