Food In Jars Challange 2019 -Jan Citrus

Food in Jars is once again hosting an awesome canning/preserving challenge for 2019.

The idea for January is Citrus. I have been busy already this past month, I made a number of syrups, I had a enough marmalade that I just wanted simple syrups made at this time for different dishes.

I have put up six pints of lemon, 5 and pints of Lime,  5 pints of Lemon Crown Royal Syrup, I have made Salt Cured Lemons and I have two gallons of lemon Vinegar curing in jars as well as dried orange peel, dried lemon peel and dried lime peel.

Orange Marmalade is a tricky thing to make and you must use your temps correctly to learn more check out this full post on it.

kumquat are an interesting little fruit that’s for sure, such a different flavour. This recipe worked very well and this recipe has been made three times now to great success.

This was an outstanding mix of flavours with lime in the lead, I did have issues getting this to be as thick as I like. Its worth the working with it, and do consider using this one as a salad dressing on cabbage Slaw salad.. JUST YUM

This delightful blend of lemon and rose petals was a hit with everyone that tried it, so light, with just hints of floral undertones. I would like to make this next time with freshly done rose petals.. even though the lemon would be out of season I think it would be perfect, I also will try this with wild violets this year.

I do have one little more plan for one more marmalade, I am working on finding the right balance in the flavours so I am currently doing itty bitty test batches. I will have it figured out soon and up before the end of the month.

Are you joining the Food in Jars canning Challenge? I know at least one of my readers is, because I missed that this was happening until she posted about it 🙂


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