How to make Salt Cured Lemons

Putting up a few Jar’s of Salt Cured Lemon’s is very easy to do.  I will show you step by step in three photos!

Wash your lemon to remove any wax, rinse them well with cool water, trim the ends off and slice them into 6, remove the seeds.

Cover the sliced lemon with salt, I used freshly grated pink salt but you can use canning salt or any of your preferred kosher salts.. Cover them well, stir and coat again, all the parts of the slices should be well covered in salt.

Put your salted lemons into a jar, pushing them down as you go.. a pint jar will take 3 large lemons, if needed add a little extra lemon juice after a hour to make sure that they are covered but still leave half inch head space between lemon juice and lid.

Allow to sit at room temp 4 to 7 days, the rind will change color becoming clearish like it would in a marmalade, after a week put your jars into the fridge where they will keep for months if you do not use them all up before that!

When people talk about their pantry’s, they talk about canning, or drying food but for some reason, they forget about salt!

Salted herbs, Salted fruits, Salted veggies,  Salted Meats..

So many ways to use salt to cure.. it should be part of your pantry staples!

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6 Responses to How to make Salt Cured Lemons

  1. So… Do you have favourite recipes in which to use salted lemons, V?

  2. Nicola Simmons says:

    I did a jar at work. The boss is a bit of a foodie, but it’s the sort of thing he would buy, rather than make. He was suitably impressed that we now have “in house salt cured lemons”, and he can write things on the menu board Like “roasted chickpeas with our own, in house, salted lemons”. LOL.

    • LOL, they are nice to have around for the right dishes but honestly as long as you are ideally getting your lemon’s in season its such a great simple thing to make and I am sure given the amount of salt, that they would keep far longer then I have ever allowed any of mine.. .. hmmm.. roasted chickpea’s..

  3. valbjerke says:

    I love these – favourite way to use – inside a roasting chicken, and some chopped mixed with butter on top.

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