Farmgal’s Photography 2019 Jan 3rd

With my new camera I am trying to both learn it and stretch myself this year.. I am not going to open up a new blog for photography. I will put up more photos on Twitter and on the facebook page on a more daily base if you want to see more of them.

However for the blog, I am limiting myself to two days a week for extra posts that are photography related.

Monday’s will have a quick post with a bit of a write up related to the Dogwood 52 photo challenge for 2019.  We get a “ask” each week that over the year pushes us in different ways to explore beyond our normal..  As each week ends on the Saturday and a new one starts on Sunday, I am making Monday the day I post that single chosen photo.

I might add in a couple of others at times to talk about what went right, what went wrong and or the runner-up..

However I am both looking forward and just trying to make sure I get out there and take more photos, it’s a good thing to get outside more, walk more, move more..  and while there are times I can work the photos into different posts.

There are many more times I can’t.. So Thursday’s are going to become the “farmgal’s photo share day.. the odds are good that most time it will be a double post day, with a second post more homestead related.

If there is any interest, I am thinking of opening one of those shops site that would allow me to upload a favorite photo and have my readers order things with it one it?

or perhaps the readers can vote at the end of the month on their favorite photo and I will put together a Farmgal Calender that can be ordered as a gift.

We will see..

On with the show 🙂

Faith Kitty, she is not as perfect as a split face as her momma was.. but she is sure fluffy in her winter coat.

Dezbot is coming three and she is finally starting to fill out that long lean body of hers, we had fresh snow overnight creating these perfect clean backgrounds, its was lightly snowing, I had to have the camera in a baggy which really messed some shots up.. its hard to see but I love the sugar snow dusting on her face.

Marie came running up on a recall and did this smiling pose of me..  love the depth of color in her blacks with the mix of her white/snow white..

While this one was taken over the Christmas holiday’s I am still including it in this first weeks round-up.. it’s also taken just after a fresh snowfall and while I like a number of things about it, I do love the bird but I loved the gentle arc of the branch as her perch 🙂

Last but not least is my Dalmatian fish, I know that it seems like a simple photo but between trying to take a good photo of something that moves all the time, with a sheet of glass between us.. trust me when I say, there were a lot of photos taken to get this one.. still it was a interesting challenge for me.

So which one of the five is your favorite and why? Honorable mention?

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8 Responses to Farmgal’s Photography 2019 Jan 3rd

  1. Faith is beautiful and so are the dogs! I miss my dog so much and we’re coming up on her second year of leaving us. Your pictures are astounding!!

    • Thank you Country Girl.. I miss my older pups so much, even thought they passed a couple years ago now, after having them 14 to 17 years, they remain so close to my heart still. I am learning my new pack and enjoying watching them come into their own.

  2. valbjerke says:

    They’re all good photos! I miss having a proper camera….many many years ago I used to develop my own film (can one even still do that these days?)

  3. Widdershins says:

    Miss Faith, cos cats rule, the end! … and honourable mention to the bird. 🙂

  4. It’s a toss up between the first kitty picture and the bird. I really like the blurred back ground.

    • Thanks Crafty, I love that dove photo.. I was so focused on the bird, not breathing while taking the photo and trying to work the new camera to get the texture right that I never even saw that lovely background with hues of red until I got home and started loading them.. the joy of focus is that the camera will take even more then what your eye is seeing in the moment.

  5. This was loovely to read

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