Kumquat Marmalade

This is the official marmalade post for the Food in Jars Challenge for Jan


These little fruits were Persnickety lol.. having never worked  with them before but having heard good thing I decided that they would go on the list for hubby to look for in the big city at the fancy Farm-boy

I asked for a pound, got about a pound an half and quickly figured out that they would need the middles take out, dry, pith an seeds..


This left me with the skins an some fruit bits..


This took forever but I finally had them all done, and as I was not able to find any recipes for them in any of my canning books, and I want them in their purest forms as a first sampling.


I did them in a simple 2-1 recipe.. and brought it to 220 on the candy thermometer and it cook, an cook, and it changed color and the flavours deepened and grew.. finally, I got gel stage and jarred up 2 8 0z jars an 1 40z jar


As a fresh Marmalade off the spoon, this was my least favorite, not that it was wrong in anyway, its just didn’t pop to me the same way the other did..

Boy was I wrong! let it set up for 24 hours, let it chill and serve it up and wow.. the next day, this is awesome Marmalade..  both hubby and I gave it thumbs up..


The final test.. how does it go with old chedder.. PERFECT!

But please consider checking out a few more of the ones I did on the same week, I had a lot of fun 🙂

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Lemon-Crown Royal Marmalade or Jelly (your Choice)



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6 Responses to Kumquat Marmalade

  1. Widdershins says:

    Marmalade and cheese … hm-mm … will have to give it a try. 😀

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