Canning Round up 2017-Jan

The goal of course is to have a nice full pantry with as much as possible done off the farm itself 🙂


2017 Please note for ease of tracking, I will be rounding everything up or down into pints.. example, if I do 7 quarts of something, it will be written as 14 pints, if I do 8 80z jars it will be written as 4 pints..  you get the idea.. It will make my life so much easier when I am the math each month for a round up this year..  🙂 I will try? to keep the page updated on this on the blog directly but will only share this post at the end of the month. It will be both a monthly round up and a running count for the year.

Total Pints to date for 2017- 59 Pints









Want to see me can something this year? Comment on these posts and I will see what I can do, please remember that most of the time, I am raising what goes in these jar’s on the farm so if you want a fancy way to make a canned turnip or ?? recipe, let me know early enough that I make sure those seeds, plants and so forth gets planted, foraged and so forth 🙂

How was your canning this month? What did you get done?



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9 Responses to Canning Round up 2017-Jan

  1. A Small Country Living says:

    [J] I give up: there is no smiley/emoticon expressing jaw-dropped astonishment!

  2. A Small Country Living says:

    [D] I’m thinkithis is a lot for one family. Do you sell some, barter … ?

    • I do gift some and sometimes folk offer things back-Barter etc. but its amazing how much you need if you don’t buy from the store and you ideally want a two year pantry (in case of bad years, drought years or in the case of beef, I only raise one every two years) I use jams in my baking and well as bases for glazes and so forth.. so its not all eaten as jam but in other ways thought out the year.

      • A Small Country Living says:

        I do wish more folk in ‘developed’ parts of the world still put self-reliance first, and looked to buying-in (and working to earn th emoney to buy) only as extras. Not every one can do that, but more could than do.

      • its a mind set for sure but yes, you must have land to learn an work the skills I teach local classes on canning and other homestead skills and those can be used by pretty much everyone if they want to do so

  3. Oh Baby! Is that a home made doughnut I see in the last photo? So GORGEOUS!!

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