Turkey Barley Veggie Canned Soup with Recipe

I took the left over meat that I could pull off the bones, and then, I added two diced onions and a good amount of garlic.. about 8 cloves with 1/4th cup of plain white vinager, and I cracked open the bones, snap pop.. all scraping from the cooking pot.. and then topped up with clean well water and to a boil it came, then the heat got turned down and it simmered for a full day..


Then I pulled the bones, picked any extra meat back into the bone broth that I could get, chopped up the leftover meat add it back in and added a big old heap of 1/4th cup of a basic herb an garlic blend from bulk barn.

It was heated back up.. and I had washed the jars and gotten the pressure canner ready.. I have learned the amounts for fresh an the amounts for dried and I have a very good idea of what hubby likes for his lunch soups..


I was doing a full canner load, in each jar, went one tablespoon of pot barley dried, and 2 tablespoons of dried mixed veggies.. (you can dry your homegrown, you can dry a big bag from the store that is got on sale or you can buy dried mixed veggies in bulk at bulk barn or the like) after you get them measured out, go back with a knife and give them a light stir to mix them up and then I filled each jar with the hot turkey bone broth with turkey, onion and garlic and herbs in it with a full 1 inch of head space left in each jars.


Into the canner and done per my level etc, use your book to figure out how long for your cannner, the size of jar and sea level..

For myself, I would be more then willing to add half a jar or a full jar of water when reheating but my hubby loves his rich broths, so the odds are good he will eat his as is..

Did you make any soups from your holiday leftovers? Did you pick up a turkey or two on the sales just to something like this? What is your favorite turkey soup recipe for canning up. Do you like using dried veggies for your canning or do you like to use fresh only?

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4 Responses to Turkey Barley Veggie Canned Soup with Recipe

  1. valbjerke says:

    Whether canning chicken/beef/turkey – I always add my veggies raw and in reasonable large chunks. Mind you, I making more of a stew base. I’ve never added pot barley though, I might try that next time. 😊

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