Garden-Budget Plans 2017

Normally, I have a thousand dollar yearly budget for my garden-farm, this budget includes, seeds, tubers, plants, bushes, tree’s, tools and garden related training classes, seminars

Most years I am under budget by a hundred to several hundred but not always, some years I push it to the very edge with travel costs an overnight hotel stays at an event.


This year is an interesting year because almost all my budget has to go to the pasture project.. up to 500 to rent the equipment-man hours to have my fields prepared properly, 200 in custom blended seed at a min (could be more depending on how thick it must be spread) and at least 100 for the spreader, which we will get a heavier duty 80 pound walk behind and do that part ourselves.

That brings me to 800 of my thousand.. leaving me 200..

So far I have ordered my seed potatoes at a total cost of 43.00


This includes 4 kinds, one early fresh eating, two later season storage potatoes and one mid-season that does it all, that has in the past produced tps balls for me. It was an interesting call this year on our potato harvest on if we should hold back for seed or buy seed.. we decided due to the much reduced drought yield that we would order in seed.

So now I am down to 150..  or am I?

Nope, ordered in upland dry planted rice, and that sucked up another 50, now part was us exchange rate (yikes) an shipping(double yikes) and asking for help and ending up with two folks giving a helping hand an therefore getting two orders.. which I am great with, should have enough seed to share with a few folks and plant for myself for two or three years.. Below is a photo from the producer and it shows the proper set up.. this will also be a investment, but we have extra netting an standard metal poles and zip ties, so I am not count the setup in the cost as its sunk costs from a different year.

If you want to order an try growing some rice, here is his link


Now I have a hundred…. 1/10th of my normal budget.. left for the rest of the garden..

A dear friend smiled at me and said, you do understand that 100 for the year is more inline with what normal gardens would spend in a year.. hump.. (is that true? what do you spend on your garden?)

Needless to say, no eco-farm day for me this year, no seedy Saturday this year for me, no trip out for asterlane edibles farm, no buying from the amazing holly and her outstanding tomato an pepper starts( not only awesome kinds but gave me so much more starting room without these being in my house)

I will need to do a lot less shopping and have a full but leaner amounts of things in my garden, I will be planting out mainly

A) all my own saved seeds

B) all my older seed stash

C) I will be saving seed like mad to re-stock for the coming two years

D) barter.. I might have lots of this or that and someone might want some an trade me a few extra squash seeds for it..

E) all my own seedling starting.. welcome to the jungle!

I will fill in the blanks on what that hundred gets me..  once I have it figured out.. I know that this year, I will be buying from a local store for extra seeds as I will tag it to a feed buying trip, so that I can avoid shipping costs.


ps, this was just after the first wash an drain, do not dry your seeds on paper towels, once blotted, move them to glass trays or wire trays and dry open air..

While it will be different, I think its very doable and I don’t think I will see a reduction in production, just a reduction in variety..

What is your annual garden budget and for how big of space..

and please don’t let any tools break this year an need to be replaced!




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10 Responses to Garden-Budget Plans 2017

  1. WolfSong says:

    This year my garden budget is about $50ish…I think. lol
    Since my garden was a washout last year, all the seeds I bought then I have for this year. Plus, all the seeds I’ve been saving/hoarding.
    So, onion sets are my big need for this year’s planting (I have a 24 foot x 40 foot main bed and 9 3ft x 3ft beds for herbs between the fruit trees).
    And, I’m hoping to maybe fit in an elderberry tree or 2 somewhere… 😉

  2. valbjerke says:

    I generally spend just under a hundred including potatoes – that covers seven large raised beds, two potatoe patches, – small greenhouse, two small raised salad beds. 😊

  3. Not certain that replacing something you’d normally have saved seed for should be included as part of the normal garden budget? Perhaps a separate emergency fund to help cover such purchases?

    • Hi Deb, do you mean the pasture stuff.. Pasture seed, equipment an so forth has always been part of the “garden” budget, its just going to be taking 80 percent of it this year, instead of taking 50 to 200 like it does on other years.. if I didn’t understand the comment.. let me know

      • No, I meant your seed potatoes, etc that you’d normally have enough to have saved and had zero cost for. Unfortunately, reseeding the pasture is a necessary and “normal” cost, every now and again, right?

      • Ah, I got ya this time.. true on the potato’s but I could have chosen not eaten them and taken the risk in regards to them making the winter.. I have to pay for that choice, the farm did produce them in 2016, I didn’t save them..

      • But, if you didn’t eat your own, then you’d still need to buy them, wouldn’t you? Isn’t replacing seed a lot more cost effective option than store-bought? Crop failure is something that happens, but not 100% expected. To me, it’s better to eat what you have, while it’s still edible, rather than take a chance on drought-produced crops having enough left to last until planting…

      • Seed potatoes cost a lot more per pound then store bought ones would, I agree on the eating what you have but none the less, seed potato’s are for the garden and therefor the costs for them are going to need to come out of the garden budget, now I guess if I had wanted to risk it a touch more.. I could have gone to farmboy late spring, and seen what they had for organic non-sprayed and chitted them out.. it would have cost less per pound then seed.. but then I would have the same data on the spuds etc.. They are ordered, and the money is spent out of the budget now..

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