Photo Friday.. This and That around the farm..

It was a cold but sunny day, the solar heating in the house was lovely!


Pom is looking mighty fine in full winter feather up..


Harry is looking mighty fine, I just love my clean-up ram, he is sweet, easy going and good with the ladies and the lambs.. He is out of Whiskey and my Butterscotch line.. I am very tempted to hold him but that is not the current plan, I am going to get a new wee baby ram this year to grow up if it goes as I plan.


All the hens where going in their flight feathers when they got moved and so they were not trimmed at that time.. they are all being bad hens and flying up to the top of fence run.. in fact one of them even flew right by hubby at chore time.. nothing like being air buzzed by a 9 pound duck.. zoom!


Love the light and shadow, the just starting to go down sunlight changing color.. The boy’s were enjoying posing for me and where very sure there was something that had their interest in the woods across the road..

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2 Responses to Photo Friday.. This and That around the farm..

  1. Linda says:

    A gorgeous series of photos!

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