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Sunset River Dog Photography

We are lucky enough to have a number of creeks but also the South Nation river just down the way from the farm, we can access it with some difficulty (due to the crazy steep bank down directly behind the … Continue reading

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Turkey Vulture “the clean up crew”

We were heading to one of our local fishing spots just down the way when we came around a curve and up flew this Turkey Vulture and I saw that it was feeding on a raccoon as our car went … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s Photography March 21st

Trying to teach the wild turkeys to move on. they have found the ground under the bird feeders and are coming in daily right now.. This pretty was hanging out for a few minutes on the snowbank by the road … Continue reading

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Dogwood Photography Week 2

Dogwood Photography Challenge Week 2 This is the official Photo.. Week 2 challenge was to use rule of thirds to show motion.. We had some fun on a private land that took us to a small lake that gave some … Continue reading

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Photo Friday.. This and That around the farm..

It was a cold but sunny day, the solar heating in the house was lovely! Pom is looking mighty fine in full winter feather up.. Harry is looking mighty fine, I just love my clean-up ram, he is sweet, easy … Continue reading

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New Year Storm…

Ok, I had gotten into a bad habit in the past year or two of trying to get a post out each day, instead of writing the posts I want to share and never mind that somedays it s 1 … Continue reading

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Photography- Bojangles

This is my favorite of the day, if the snow had been clean, it would have been perfect but I like it as is .. Love this rolling photo, number 2.. action shot.. feet flying, snow angels and it looks … Continue reading

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Puddin an Pie..

Pie was picked up the weds before Christmas, she was bigger then I expected. slid in my hands as I cradled her, friendly and sweet.. She has had time to bond with puddin  over the holidays, and they get along … Continue reading

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Caleb in snow! Photo Monday!

Getting up to speed.. Now we are trotting out.. Had to change the filter on this one.. kicking it into higher gear.. floating on a cloud of white.. If this weather warms up even a touch, with all this fresh … Continue reading

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Foggy Morning Rolls in..

It was a foggy Morning, it was awesomely thick, with a stunning sun filling up the sky at the same time.. I love the distance photo, I snapped it from my front step with my longest zoom.. it was everything … Continue reading

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