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The “big” switch over~ Freezers

Tupperware has a amazing summer sale on for the freeze its  right now.. They have a set of 14 on for 99.. and this is the very reason I joined was to get the samples at 70 percent off (and … Continue reading

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How is your budget looking this year?

Now I don’t know where you live, but in my neck of the woods We have three new taxes on basic things, increase in what we have to pay for our portion in regards to medical coverage (yes, I know … Continue reading

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New Years Eve..

Its New years Eve and we are home on the far tonight.. we will be ringing it in with each other, hounds, purrpots an if it ever stops snowing and storming, with the horses.. What I will not be doing … Continue reading

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Well, that gives me a good wide choice..

Here are the comments on idea’s of things to do, and boy they covered a good area.. Hey Farm Gal, would love to see something of a textile nature… weaving, quilting, sewing… I keep wanting to learn how to make … Continue reading

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Thusday- Health Day update..

Well, this week I got in two new cookbooks to give me a helping hand on figuring out interesting and tasty meals, I got Paleo comfort foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield and Primal Blueprint quick and easy meals, The … Continue reading

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Food, Health, this and that.. Wheat Belly etc.

Well, Thursday’s where my health update days and I really would like to get back to making a weekly update and goal list, I am doing a journel but I found knowing I would need to write it out, that … Continue reading

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Plan and Prepare-Garden

Well, this very dry year has been eye openning to say that least, I have never had so little rain ever, we have our own tracking system and even when the area’s around us get rain, we are getting nothing, … Continue reading

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O my, the driest winter in 63 years locally..

Well, this past weekend, we were out and about on the farm, and around the local area.. Digging in my gardens, it was startling to see just how dry some of it is already.. then we did some work in … Continue reading

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Garden-My $2 dollar “cold frame” Horse Trough

Ok so I picked up this nice big metal water trough for $2 dollars as it was rusted though, now it was fixable if you had a welder but that was not what I wanted if for.. So the glass … Continue reading

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March Challange-Frost Seeding

We are coming into our 5th year of frost seeding to improve our pastures, and we can’t speak highly enough of this process.  A little background on our pastures, the call names are, Big Pasture, Little Pasture, Corner Pasture, and … Continue reading

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