Food, Health, this and that.. Wheat Belly etc.

Well, Thursday’s where my health update days and I really would like to get back to making a weekly update and goal list, I am doing a journel but I found knowing I would need to write it out, that it helped make sure I got that extra or final workout..

In regards to local food, I am still doing well at this time, the garden is producing fresh goodies to bring in the house, the freezers are getting down there, in fact, I really should make it a project to go though them, move them into one and defrost and clean the big meat one, then shift everything over and do the same with the smaller veggies/fruit one before the big push for the fall butcher begins. The cellar is holding, with around 500 jars of things in it, give or take.

A few extra things have been brought in for the wheat belly eating, and some I have been able to source locally and others, not so much but I have made a point in going organic in some, and or plain, no oils or salt etc in others, I will admit to being worried about how to eat within my own planned budget in winter, I know that I can use the four season grow box’s to keep me in greens and a few other fresh things until Dec, and I can sprout and have pots of greens growing in the house ( I am planning on bringing in a couple good pots of horseradish roots this year) but any way I cut it, I am going to have a good three month gap in being able to get the fresh stuff in the kitchen and in winter, Itend to be a meat/potato’s, stew, soup, with bread, muffins, pancakes etc kinda gal..

Which brings me to my third week on my own modified version of the “Wheat Belly”, its a cross between a feritily diet and wheat belly diet, so while there is no wheat, there are a few other things I know others avoid, If I react to them, I do remove them but if no reaction, then I stay with limited amounts of them, example, I know that they say, no potatos, but I am growing 500 plus pds of them, and I will be using them, having said that, I make sure they are eaten within a meal, with protein and in very limited amounts, so far, no blood sugar rush that I can tell and the important one for me, no eating trigger..

While the weight loss has been nice, the biggest thing for me is that I have had the feeling of the need to eat taken away, I love it, I still find it amazing to be honest, for many, many! years, It has always been a battle between will power vs an insane at time craving for just one more,  O I learned tricks to break the routine, go for a walk, ten min workout, sleep, play wii, anything that had a chance of getting me back on track was used..

I thought that it was just me setting my mind that I was going to do this but that’s not it, I can see the triggers, if I eat correctly, I truly have no cravings to go snack between meals, I have no issues walking away from extra on my plate, I have no issues tasting something with a bite or two and then saying.. No, I don’t feel like that and walking away.. you have no idea how odd yet impowering that feels to me.

Moving on, I got a few new on sale workout video’s to give me short 15 to 30 min workouts, one is a dance one, one is a kettlebell one, one is a stretching etc.  but to be honest, my main workout is shoveling manure in the barn, gardening and keeping up with the critters/farm. Having said that I am going to start going to the weight training once a week.

Speaking of health- My mom was just at the stage of being able to drive for the first time this week and she went downtown, walked a store and back home agian, which was lots for a first trip out but it went well!! Way to go mom.. she seems to be healing well and the knee is coming along really well, I am so proud of her!

So these are my goals for the coming week..

  • Contine to stay on my choosen eating path
  • Workout min 3x a week
  • Get to that blasted Gym, I am paying for at least once a week-either swimming, aqau-fit or the weight training class.
  • Continue any and all requirements for the fertility diet/testing etc

We will see how I do.. So how are you all doing in your personal goals in regards to food choices? Your personal health goals? Did you have a good week? Did you have a struggle and if so, want to share it? Had a moment of total bliss?



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7 Responses to Food, Health, this and that.. Wheat Belly etc.

  1. Anita says:

    Hi Farmgal – I appreciate your honesty in the journey. I struggle in this area too and need to loose some weight as I already face Diabetes and neuropathy in my feet. Some days I feel like I couldn’t possibly get much more exercise – I am even developing muscles in my arms – wahoo! That leads me to conclude that the real issue is food. I eat healthy foods, organic when possible, lots of veggies, have a smoothie every day and still here I sit 😦 I know all about the gluten free lifestyle as my DH is supposed to eat that way – he “cheats” and eats wheat because it’s easier. I want to commit myself to joining you on the journey so please keep posting about how it’s going – I am very interested!!

    • Hi Antia,

      I have to admit that I am so glad that Dh has agreed to join me in this otherwise, I think it would be alot harder, he can certainly have more freedom and “cheat” time when off the farm for the day at work, however while he could stand to lose a another 20 pds, its me that really needs to lose 100 plus.

      Thanks for letting me now that there is readers that are interested and I will do my best to keep you posted, please share how things are going on your own journey as well!

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Hey FarmGal, Glad to hear your Mom’s doing so well! Also great that things have changed so radically since starting your “Wheat Belly” modifications: )
    Re “high glycemic/blood sugar rush” potatoes. Read somewhere about the molecular effect of microwaving on potatoes – alters the starches from complex to simple/high glycemic. Simple solution? Don’t use microwave or deep fry; no need, for that matter, to even boil them as “just-cooked”, steamed potatoes cook faster and loose less nutrient value – just like anything else – go figure!! We love them tossed in olive oil with ground pepper and granulated garlic. Nom nom!!
    Dietary news? Struggling, definitely. DH is on holiday right now…

    • I’m very happy about mom as well, she has really good days and then other days where she rests more but I think that is very normal given that she is healing.

      Interesting about the potato’s, no issues on the microwave, I don’t own one, and I don’t have a deep fryer either, (one of the very few cooking tools, I don’t have) I tend to bake food in the oven or fry it in the cast iron.

      O I hear you, holidays are so wonderful and please take every moment to enjoy that couple time with your man but traveling, and being flexable is hell on the food choices!

  3. Marie says:

    I hear ya and thx for sharing. I was just told by my doc a month ago, (very bluntly I might add) to either lose weight or go on anti-cholesterol pills. Considering gluten has started giving me the itchies as well, I’ve just receiving two giant kicks in the behind. A month later, I’m down 13 lbs. Hopefully I can avoid all medication completely. BTW, I also found that no gluten makes for less munchies. Weird isn’t it? But I’m grateful for that.

  4. Oldschool says:

    I was told 4 years ago to go gluten free. For the first 3 years I was. Now not so much as I can’t afford it. I try for the most part to stay gluten free but when it cones to pasta and bread I usually cheat. The rest of my baking is gluten free.

    A few hidden places for gluten in a restaurant is mashed potatoes and butter. They add flour to stiffen them up.

    For the most part, my dinners were always gluten free it was the lunchs at work that were not. Love the fact the “blisters” are gone as well as the stomach pain.

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