O my, the driest winter in 63 years locally..

Well, this past weekend, we were out and about on the farm, and around the local area.. Digging in my gardens, it was startling to see just how dry some of it is already.. then we did some work in the pastures and while my front big pasture still has some wet area’s, my slew is down to mud, and my pond is down by half..

Lets break pond info.. this our eighth spring, two springs, the pond overflowed and joined the slew area, five springs the pond filled and would be full to the brim right now, and this year.. we are down by half.. hmmmm

Then I went for walk in my past cow pasture (aka Small pasture) and was very surprised to realize that is green yes but also dry.. my wetter area’s did not swish under foot, so I headed to my lowest spot and its summer dry as well..

The weather gave us April in March and I have a late june water dryout in the first two weeks of april! Just to drive home, Farmer R was working in his back field, and he had dust behind his tractor, normally, he can’t even get on the land at this point, its to wet, I’m flood zone, that never flooded this spring..

Needless to say, we have already put and extra gutter, the rainbarrels and are looking at doing an extra roof or two to create a bigger storage amount.. my back well which is drilled is and will produce water as its nice and deep but my front house well is already showing of a dropping water table.. this is not good, as we typically do major house cleaning in the spring as we have lots of water, good thing I did alot last month..

I think we are going to have to start our late summer/early fall water rationing in regards tothe house now, instead of late june or july..hmmm I need some good heavy spring rains so fill up a dozen or so 55 gallon drums..

What is this going to do in regards to my hay crop? Garden crops etc.. not bad enough that everything is off in regards to starting timing, now I am going to have to worry about watering.. I am going to have to do even more dry land spacing in the gardens and mulch heavily to keep what I have in the soil..

One more reason to really like those hugelbeet’s, they hold alot of water in the wood and release it much slower for the plants.. So anyone in ontario that got hit with this early spring, also finding it dry in their area?

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6 Responses to O my, the driest winter in 63 years locally..

  1. Inwick says:

    Hmm. Not good and quite widespread then. It is also very dry here in Germany and many areas in my native England already on hosepipe ban and different regional water companies there negotiating over trading their precious water supplies. Many farmers in England who have invested heavily in resevoirs have been unable to fill them over the winter. Some farmers have not even bothered to plant certain fields and crops because they know they have no chance to supply enough water to get a worthwhile crop yield. Let’s hope for a wet spring/summer and an even wetter winter to come.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Despite of the (long range) prediction of a cool, wet spring by David Phillips from Environment Canada; I fear from what you’re seeing there, I’m seeing here (and Inwick tells us it’s happening in England and Germany too?) Omg! What the heck is going on?

  3. Daisy says:

    Same thing here, we’ve been tilling the garden and everyone has been out in the fields, which is unheard of on our clay soil. I’m really hoping this isn’t an omen for the summer to come.

  4. Just rolled out the rain barrels and hoping the rains do come soon…I’m in SW Ontario and farmers are cultivating and seeding already. I’ve never seen the ground this dry this early in the season..kinda scary

  5. Well, we’re back to seasonal temperatures here in southern Ontario. It’s 2C today, which is normal. (That 27C heat wave was weird) But like your area … the fields out in Mennonite country are dry and ready to be planted. I saw a farmer with a team of four big work horses out in one field, which was a nice sight. And L is just waiting for warm enough temperatures to get things out in the ground.
    Last year was the opposite – they were all panicking because it was too wet to get anything in.

  6. Little Sis says:

    I’m hearing much the same from folks all over the Eastern half of North America. We’re REALLY dry here in the Mid-Atlantic as well. Hard ground that looks seconds away from being dusty. I’m filling the empty rain barrels with grey water from inside so I can use it outside when I’m ready.

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