Thusday- Health Day update..

Well, this week I got in two new cookbooks to give me a helping hand on figuring out interesting and tasty meals, I got Paleo comfort foods by Julie and Charles Mayfield and Primal Blueprint quick and easy meals, The quick and easy one is ok, give it 3 out of 5.. but I really like Paleo Comfort foods, part of it is that its just a eye popping almost a coffee table book feel to it with a full page of pictures to go with each recipe. I can’t say that I read them and think, I will make this or that recipe, its more like.. hmmm, that’s interesting, now how I can I make that with what I have on the farm and go from there.. Still I am happy to have gotten them as I was finding even in my veggie area’s of many of my cookbook’s they use wheat and or carbs in alot of the dishes.

While I should wait another five days to say its been a month, I am going to jump it this month and move it to the first thursday, so I am down just over 20 pds, but the other side effects are more important to me, the “heat/sweat rash” that I have had to battle for a number of years that the doctors told me was due to being heavy and that those folds of skin touch is gone, and my “morning” allergy of sneezing, running nose and itch eyes has been reduced to nothing..

Having said that, I want to talk about the cost of this change, its not cheap at all, I am lucky to a point that I have a good amount of meat on the hoof so to speak that is ready right now, in fact I easily have my years supply of chicken, duck and turkey ready to be butchered out at the moment, with lamb/beef in the fall, and will have pork ready in winter/spring.

The sooner I butcher out the birds, the more cost effective that will be in the long term, as the price of feed is sky high, Strangely the rabbit feed is not going up at this point and so I am switching to get more of it and will be breeding more litters of them for fresh meat during winter. I will keep back my core laying hens, and my core breeding group of ducks for both eggs and so I don’t have to rebuild breeding programs.

The garden is starting to produce reasonable amount of daily fresh use items and some good amount for storage (potato’s) etc, however even with those covored and the milk products in storage from the farm/pantry, I am still putting out around 40 to 50 dollars more per week over my normal outpute.. now its worth noting that I didn’t have to use my allergy pills this morning so that saved me $50, which can be going towards the food costs, same as saving on the monthly cost of the treatment for the rash. Now some of this is going towards building minor stores of things I don’t normally have, but not nearly enough of it, nuts, and different flours just cost alot more money period.

Now I touched on it a while back about the fact that we are still wanting and working towards having a thrid child, as our daughter an son both passed as wee ones being born to soon, so this is really a mix between the fertilty diet and the wheat belly diet, which blends perfectly to a point as they both want wheat gone, low carbs with moderate excerise.

Where I am finding the twitchy part is

A)the fertility diet wants a very well balanced diet at around 2100 calories a day for the best shot, while everyone else seems to think that 1400 hundred is about right for working towards losing the weight at a max, and then there is the wheat belly that does not want me counting calories at all.. now I have been tested at 2100 hundred calories, I will not lose weight, unless I put in lots of workouts to increase my own daily calorie output.. so it has to be under that to loose weight. So open to thoughts, aim for 1600 to 1800??

b) tied right into this is the fact that the fertility diet wants me to lose 7 and half percent of my starting at the month weight, which is the goal they want me to have in front of me, which is interesting, it certianly makes it alot easier to have that much smaller number written out as the goal, but, having said that, I can’t quite figure out how to apply that, let me explain..

a) If its 7 percent of the starting weight since the first of the year- Goal done!
b) if its 7 percent of the starting weight since July when I got home, -Well on my way, only need another 5 pds to make it happen

Then what, do you reset it?? to that starting weight, measure out the 7% and go again.. would you hold your weight as much as possable for a month at that goal or just keep trying to go forward while its still being easy to do so?

Now remember that 7% is not attached to your end or ideal weight, its attached to your current weight and you increasing your own fertility with that target mark for weight loss.

So how was your week overall?

So these are my goals for the coming week..
Contine to stay on my choosen eating path -Yes, No wheat eaten, and limited the rest,only had 2 opps but was still under the calorie load.
Workout min 3x a week -Yes, one 4 am walk with the fussy old hound so Dh could sleep, two kettlebell workouts, lots of small weights.
Get to that blasted Gym, I am paying for at least once a week-either swimming, aqau-fit or the weight training class. -NO.. sigh..
Continue any and all requirements for the fertility diet/testing etc- Yes..

This coming week, same goals as last..

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8 Responses to Thusday- Health Day update..

  1. oceannah says:

    good job on losing 20# that is a great start. sounds like you have a good plan and I hope your fertility issues clear up πŸ™‚ Blessings.

  2. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Don’t fight the scale! (just ask Anna; ) You already do more real work than anyone I know and, if you keep on as you are with the grain “ban” you won’t have any more trouble than you’ve had so far. Keep up the great work on what you’re eating (not some artificial percentage of how much/calories/whatever) and you’ll be fine. TRUST YOUR BODY! xo Deb

    • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

      P.S. Twenty pounds? That’s bloody awesome!! πŸ˜€

    • While I would love to trust my body deb, the simple facts are that I am heavy enough that I do have some isulin resistance, not enough to be pre-diabetic but enough to be causing issues, and that 7 percent is proven to really help in that regard, plus if I can reduce the isulin resistance, I decrease the amount of progestone that my fat is taking up, which is why my body is low on it, low on it working, and that means a much increased issue with getting and staying expecting.. As I am coming 40, I do need to step up my game and use any and all tricks available to me that are natural, and this is one of them..

      • Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

        Yes, all these things are very true and incredibly important. I’m just saying keep on allowing nature to set the pace – you’re doing a fantastic job already – but, just like “the Turtle and the Hare”, slow and steady wins the race, you know what I mean? (Maybe go back and read that first part of “Wheat Belly” again… The part where he’s talking about triathletes, caloric intake/output and supposed “prime weight” formulae).
        You know how, when you’re trying to remember a name or something, and the harder you poke at it, the farther back it goes; but, as soon as you let your brain relax and stop “trying” so hard it just sort of pops right to the surface? That’s what I mean… You’re already on the right path, now let your body do it’s job. If things start going sideways – then you can worry, right?
        Heck, if you really want to use the scientific approach, set all that data I know you’ve been collecting on a graph so you can actually see the big picture. Right now, my mother would say, “You can’t see the forest for the trees.”
        But, if you truly want to focus on something? Breathe – and not just the inhale – more the out: balance, balance, balance…
        So endeth the sermon for today (and “Wise is the man who heeds his own advice”; )

  3. Wow, sounds like you are on the ball! I suggest don’t worry about calorie counts. Concentrate on eating food with high nutrient value, healthy fats (minimally processed), fruits & vegetables. Some foods will give you more kick with less calories. (Read; opposite of empty calories.) You go, girl!

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