Well, that gives me a good wide choice..

Here are the comments on idea’s of things to do, and boy they covered a good area..

Hey Farm Gal, would love to see something of a textile nature… weaving, quilting, sewing… I keep wanting to learn how to make sheeting for beds – I realize that it should be obvious but I am also sure that there are some tricks to making them fit better… Thanks… Lake Lili Lili

Well Lake Lili Lili, I have to admit that making something in regards to the above would be more like a month long project, not a daily LOL,  so I will find one textile related project for the month of Nov and share it, it might end up being quite simple but it will be useful 🙂

As if you don’t have enough challenges running a farm and your daily blog stories (which I love by the way)…but if you need more, I am always looking to try new canning recipes and would vote for a recipe per day for a least a full 2 weeks. My challenge will be to try each one.

Hi Dense, ok, so you want canning recipes.. this is something that can be certainly looked at, I am unsure that I can plan to can a recipe every single day for two weeks, but I can figure out how to can a certain amount of days per week and in doing so, share canning recipes..  So yes, canning recipes coming soon.

How ’bout “Any or All of the Above”? They all sound like great ideas to me!
So, I guess Farmgal, should you choose to accept it; your challenge would be to teach us “Something New Every Day”; )

Something new every day, that gives me freedom and flexablity and I think Deb, that I will call it a Make something new Every day Nov Challenge..  Thanks for giving me the name and the overview 🙂 for the project.

lol…how in the world do you even have time to turn around??? You are one of the busiest people I have ever met and still would like a challenge?!@#…lol…I would love to learn old skills…you would think if you had a moments rest you would take it…take care & be good to you! lgsbrooks

Hi Lgsbrooks, awe, thanks girl, I honestly have spare time, and I do take rests when needed, I was in bed by eight last night and watched a movie before going down for the night, see, just wasted time, but it was relaxing that was for sure..

Old skills, hmmm, have to think about that one, I have some idea’s on how to do a few things that would fit this as well..

Well, thanks ladies, you have given me a right helping hand for figuring out a plan for the blog for the month of Nov 🙂

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2 Responses to Well, that gives me a good wide choice..

  1. calliek says:

    I gave myself a challenge, in honour of Remembrance Day. Canada Remembers suggested posting a name a day from the list of soldiers who have died while fighting for our country so I decided to go one better and research one soldier per day and post what I could find about his life. I am focusing on WWI so for the next 30 days I hope be blogging daily on my genealogy blog. http://therisingvillage.blogspot.ca/

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