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Working on a new Hugelculture Bed.. the biggest to date yet..

Given that, I am going to break this down into parts just to show how long this process truly takes when you are doing it by hand and not with a backhoe or tractors etc.. So the first thing after … Continue reading

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Plan and Prepare-Garden

Well, this very dry year has been eye openning to say that least, I have never had so little rain ever, we have our own tracking system and even when the area’s around us get rain, we are getting nothing, … Continue reading

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What’s working in the garden in this heat and drought..

Well, most of you know that I love to try a number of different things in the garden, and I have had alot of success with my no-till, dry land planting spacing and with my mulching.. Having said that, this … Continue reading

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Hugelculture-Making “hill” beds for garden use!

This was by far the best seminar at the event, it was hosted by one of Greenshire’s members  for those of my readers that can watch video, here is a link to one that they have done that you might like, … Continue reading

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Hugelbeet-Round 2

So we are now working on our second big full sun Hugelbeet, we measured them today as DH and I were not in agreement on the size of them, so the first smaller one is 14 feet by 8 feet … Continue reading

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Hugelbeet -Part one

A Hugelbeet is how you go about using up scraps on a farm and turn it into something that is productive.. Last year, in the very bad winter storm, we have the power company cut down a number of bigger limbs, … Continue reading

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