Gal in the Garden -Corn Garden “roughing it”

So what is a gal going to do when she really NEEDS to plant out a extra corn garden of 240’s seeds but she is out of already prepared and planned garden space??

Follow the high hoe tracks from last fall and use that semi cleared area and finish clearing the planting rows.. and work on the rest as we go!

I love seeing finished stunning garden beds as much as the next person. I like to see fully bedded down rows.. but lets get real..

Its not always that easy.. sometimes we need to break new ground.. Sometimes we need more planting ground now and when its all done by hand.. We need to get creative.

Now there are few issues with this garden that I should talk about right off..

First this area is normally a golden rod patch and they are going to come back with gusto! I mean.. crazy like.. do I will be doing a lot of standing over the patches and re-working that ground big time until the corn gets to high for me to do it and then we cross our fingers and going to have to let it go.. Having said that.. we are going to drop tin sheet down each side of the garden to help hold back the wild on each side of the garden as well as create a heat sink for the corn on this very cool summer so far.. if it really heats up.. we will remove them if needed at a later point.

Second, this ground is NOT rich enough at all for corn and its not been properly prepped at all! so after the corn is up.. we will side dress each row with some compost to add a little bit that way but the bigger push will have to be done with the waterings. I will need to be more proactive on making compost tea’s and using them on this new garden.

Third, we are really late getting this corn in.. its just fact.. if we get a hard sharp frost early in the fall.. we honestly could have a problem.. however, I am going to cross my fingers and toes and hope for a normal frost timing in which case we will be good.

Here is hoping! If you don’t make it.. you will not be able plant it

If you don’t plant it.. there no chance of crops

Take the risk’s if you want the chance of the rewards..

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