Pineapple Tidbits Canning 2019

If you get your flyers.. check them over well and watch for SALES!

In this case Large Pineapples were on sale for 1 dollar each..  now I will admit that normally they are extra large for 1 and that I get one and half pints per pineapple.

This year they were listed as large and I only got one very stuffed full pint per pineapple canned up.  However I also changed things up a touch this year and hot packed instead of cold packed.. which meant I also got 4 quarts of pineapple juice for fresh summer drinking at 50 juice to 50 percent water.

As I really do not want to waste anything.. the cores were saved, cut up into pieces and then put into the grinder and then into the dryer..  They gave me a stuffed full pint of dried pineapple bits that are perfect to be mixed into homemade tea blends to add that hit of fruit to the tea’s late in winter.

The tops and the skins where given to laying chickens to give them some fresh things to play with in their pen but most of them went to the sheep.. which love their pineapple skins and this wonderful as fresh pineapple is considered by many to be a very mind wormer..

Now I am not sure any of them eat enough to have this effect as the whole flock of adults each enjoyed their candy while the lambs all looked a little shell shocked.. with a WHAT IS THIS! lol

Still even if it helped on the worming even a touch.. wonderful indeed.

As I had not been doing much canning due to my back, I didn’t buy my normal 48 which normally gives me 60 pints for the year..  but I did much better then I expected and I will watch for more sales and ideally get more of them put up..

I used the mega Tupperware fridge smarts to hold the pineapple between me getting it ready and me canning it and it worked perfectly!  I had a few days between and no loss in quality at all.. where if I can it sitting at room temp.. they would have over ripened.

When the jumbo come back on sale again, I am going to pick up another two to go with the two I already have.  Right now they are both full of prepped rhubarb in the fridge waiting for me to make and can mixed fruit blends to put into the pantry.

There is a big sale on the fridge smarts this week.. ends in like three days.. the set of 4 are 55% percent off..  Find someone local who sell it and get a set or two.. it will save you money in the long run if you use them!  If you can’t find anyone local.. throw me your email in a comment here and I will hook you up on this sale! (I will not publish your comment, just use the email to get back in touch with you..)


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