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12 Ways to Use Rhubarb with Recipes

Spring is coming and that means the Rhubarb is up! I drooled over thekitchengardens post with her stunning photos, we may be the same zone but her garden weeks ahead of mine already. If you have somehow missed reading her … Continue reading

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Cherry Pie on a cold snow bound winter day..

We got nailed with a good little snow storm and we are back down into bitter cold temps right now.. got 8 inches of snow yesterday, more coming today and woke up to -25 without the wind chill added to … Continue reading

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Using your Canning Storage- Canned Rhubarb Crisp Recipe

It was requested that I make a Rhubarb Crisp for Christmas and I nodded yes, and then I started looking for frozen rhubarb.. and I looked and looked and shook my head.. how could we have used it all up.. … Continue reading

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Elderberry Season is on us!

O Elderberries, those amazing fruits of the Elder Bush, while they are not safe to eat raw, the dried or cooked berry or juice is amazing for our health. One of the things I have heard time an again is … Continue reading

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Canning Pineapple “a year’s supply”

Canning Pineapple is a simple enough. trim off the ends, peel and core it and cut it into cubes, jar up in to a light syrup and process for 15 min in a water bath canner. You can make it … Continue reading

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5 Ways to use Garlic Scapes!

Ah, Garlic Scapes, those yummy green tops on the garlic that you are growing in your garden, or available from your favorite local garlic grower. When they reach over and start to curl into themselves.. its time for harvesting. I … Continue reading

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Strawberry Pineapple Jam Recipe

Well, I was thrilled to see that my local store had x-large fresh dole pineapples on sale for 1.50 each for Canada Sale.. now one of these typically makes me 1 and half pints each.. so I got 36 pineapples, … Continue reading

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Canning Round up for June – 2017

2017  Please note for ease of tracking, I will be rounding everything up or down into pints.. example, if I do 7 quarts of something, it will be written as 14 pints, if I do 8 80z jars it will be written as 4 pints..  you get the idea.. It will make my life so […]

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Canning up some Sweet Tea Concentrate

Homemade Sweet Tea in summer is a delight but if you forget to do it in time or you think you have a jug in the fridge and company shows up and you reach for it, only to see that … Continue reading

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Freezer Spring Checkups- Counting is Bee’s Knees LOL

I have talked to friends that tell me that their freezers are pretty empty in the spring, and so they don’t need to do this much.. I have talked to other friends that don’t have clue what is even in … Continue reading

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