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Rhubarb Fruit Blends – Canning 2019

The biggest rhubarb crop is coming off and I am certainly noticing the difference in the cool wet spring and the fact that I did not feed my rhubarb plants last year. I will give them some extra feedings but … Continue reading

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Canning Rhubarb Fruit in Bulk

I often can things in bulk form and that means that I do things more by weight then I do recipe. This is something that those that are putting up larger amounts do more often.. However this is a big … Continue reading

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Rhubarb BBQ Sauce

This sauce is listed as Victorian Barbecue Sauce by Bernardin, page 259 However it really should be called Rhubarb BBQ Sauce and its outstanding.. If you don’t have the bigger canning book from this company, I highly recommend it! 8 … Continue reading

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Canning Rhubarb Juice (Mock Pink Lemonade #2)

My dear hubby and my testers all agree, that the cooked, strained rhubarb tastes like rhubarb juice but everyone says that the stream processed takes like a wonderful Pink Lemonade version of it. I have to admit that its delightful … Continue reading

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