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Canning Rhubarb Juice (Mock Pink Lemonade #2)

My dear hubby and my testers all agree, that the cooked, strained rhubarb tastes like rhubarb juice but everyone says that the stream processed takes like a wonderful Pink Lemonade version of it. I have to admit that its delightful … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Seeds are in! Seed Harvest 2015

I have plans to grow lots and lots of wee baby rhubarbs next year and finding  my own * plant line out of them.. Each seed will grow rhubarb if viable but each seed is a new rhubarb genewise, how … Continue reading

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Rhubarb Nettle Iced Tea Recipe

A spring, its time for so many yummy things, off a bit later to do a walk and check the fiddleheads.. but its going to be a very busy day indeed and I feel the need to put a nice … Continue reading

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Rhubarb on a Cloud – Pie recipe

This is a light fluffy summer pie and it should ideally be eating either the same day its made or within a day or two at most.. so make it as small as required in order to not try and … Continue reading

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Rhubarb, Apple-Mint, Spruce Tip Crumble Recipe

The crumble was around eight to ten cups of rhubarb, one cup of cleaned loose leafs of apple mint (that I then sliced) and about half a cup of small spruce tips cut into bits one cup of sugar (depending on … Continue reading

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March 21st-Rhubarb

Its fills my childhood memory banks, That sour, pucker your mouth feel, as my mom would pull a fresh rhubarb stalk and give it to us to chew on, the burst of flavor combo on the times you would be … Continue reading

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