Rhubarb Seeds are in! Seed Harvest 2015

I have plans to grow lots and lots of wee baby rhubarbs next year and finding  my DSCN5733

own * plant line out of them..

Each seed will grow rhubarb if viable but each seed is a new rhubarb genewise, how very cool is that..


I allowed my favorite and best plants to flower, then I culled based one what I saw


then I let them set seed and I culled some stalks until in the end  I let the biggest and the best 4 plants stalks dry and harvest from.



I have a huge amount of seed.


have you ever grown rhubarb from seed, if so how did it go

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2 Responses to Rhubarb Seeds are in! Seed Harvest 2015

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    “How to” for Rhubarb seed: http://www.seedaholic.com/rhubarb-victoria-garden-english.html
    This is a GREAT site… I finally found out that the unidentified plant I have in the garden is Ravenswing Chervil: http://www.seedaholic.com/anthriscus-sylvestris-ravenswing.html

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