Ducklings are growing up.. Duck Breeding plans 2015

DSCN5741 Well, I have two more hens sitting on their nests, so I am hopeful that I will have another crop of ducklings born in july.. but this lovely momma sat faithfully, and only hatched out two DSCN6567 Two very cute ones, not her fault, she did everything right, but the male I got for her was clearly older then I expected, as she is a young healthy fertile female. DSCN7256 Those wee ducklings are growing up and growing fast at that.. lovely colors, and I will see on their sexes, if they are female, they will stay as part of my overwinter flock, if males, they will be butchered just before the adult pin feathers on the wings come in.. DSCN7255 But alas their time with their mom has come to a end, you see yesterday she laid a egg.. and that means time to move the ducklings into a growout pen, time to move a drake in with momma hen and let her breed and ideally sit at least one more clutch of eggs this year. So far, I am only at my 2 of 50 ducklings goal..   hmmm, that does not sound good when you write it out, but there is lots of summer-fall left yet

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