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Chick, Turkey Pullet and Ducking Updates.

Chick update 3 weeks in. Meat Chicks..  HUGE!, feathering out.. going though a crazy amount of food and water and I am starting to see the difference in regards to the choice to sit down more.. I also have had … Continue reading

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The Duck Plan of 2019

I raised Muscovy Ducks, they are not like other duck breeds. They hiss and wag their feathers like a dog would. They do not quack like the “other duck” breeds do. They are their own line.. If you breed a … Continue reading

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Ducklings are growing up.. Duck Breeding plans 2015

Well, I have two more hens sitting on their nests, so I am hopeful that I will have another crop of ducklings born in july.. but this lovely momma sat faithfully, and only hatched out two Two very cute ones, … Continue reading

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Duck Breeding Program

I am not raising a beef calf at the moment, I went to get a calf this spring, I did, I am picky on what I get and where I get it from, I get my week old calf*s from … Continue reading

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