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Wood Ash Chicken Dust Bath

Got Chickens? Got a wood stove? or access to someone that is burning clean wood? Make sure this is clean wood ash, no burning garbage or plastics or anything else in the fires. (and yes I do know people that … Continue reading

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Lemon Ginger Chicken Recipe

Sweet and Tangy Lemon Ginger Chicken Recipe Serves 4 The Chicken Two Large skinless Chicken breasts, cut into thin stripes Beat a egg with half a tsp of salt and pepper in a bowl Put half a cup of corn … Continue reading

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Chick, Turkey Pullet and Ducking Updates.

Chick update 3 weeks in. Meat Chicks..  HUGE!, feathering out.. going though a crazy amount of food and water and I am starting to see the difference in regards to the choice to sit down more.. I also have had … Continue reading

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Chicks have arrived.. 1st of May..

The Farm-Hatched Chicks are coming on three weeks of age.. they are a barnyard mix, seven chicks hatched out from under momma hen. Last week, we headed out bright and early to pick up the hatchery chicks, 50 meat chicks, … Continue reading

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The Baby Fowl April Update 2019

The call was placed to the feed store and the Chicks and Turkey Pullets are now ordered and will arrive on the farm the first week of May. We ordered in 12 dual purpose large brown egg layers. I love … Continue reading

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Baby Brussel Sprout Omelet with Salsa

Looking for a way to use up those tiny baby Brussel Sprouts? This filling tasty breakfast or supper omelet will hit the spot! Baby Brussel Sprout Omelet with Salsa Recipe This is a very simple recipe that makes a tasty … Continue reading

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High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening : Overcoming Soil Challanges.

High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening: Overcoming Soil Challenges Guest Post by WillowCreakFarm Part 3 of 5 This is the third post in our High-Altitude Cold-Climate Gardening series. You can read the other two by clicking the links below: Introduction Overcoming the Terrain … Continue reading

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Chick Care 101

  Ideally, if you already have chickens you are going to let your broody hen do all this work for you.  You can help pick the eggs she is sitting on but its just so much easier to let the … Continue reading

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Feeding Back your Egg Shells to your Hens

The Hens are laying like mad at the moment. It feels like spring with the glut of older and pullet eggs coming in the house at the moment..   We are getting between 7 to 8 dozen a week at … Continue reading

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How to Keep your Chickens Laying in Winter!

How keep a a steady supply of winter eggs on the homestead? I have gotten a few questions from local newer folks that are asking, how do I get my hens to keep or start laying eggs. This is a … Continue reading

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