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5 Things you are looking for in a Broody Hen

  Yesterday May 9th 2018 our first broody hen hatched out a lovely clutch of healthy looking little fluffy butts. This is a proven broody hen and she made both my hubby and I laugh so hard as she lead … Continue reading

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Hatch 1 -Last check before lock down.

Well, I will admit to be being a tough day to have lost a number of the eggs in between the checks but most of the loss’s where in the bought eggs, (bought hatching eggs have a poor hatch rate … Continue reading

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First of the New Chicks 2015- Land Race

These four cute fluffy butts are not a pure breed per say, they are a land race breed from Iceland, they are quite small compared to most of the hens I normally keep but I have been told they will lay very … Continue reading

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Very interesting information from Mcmurray Hatchery in regards to Light Bulbs..

Makes me glad all over that I removed all the non-stick pans in the house, but I will now have to start double checking when we buy our light bulbs for the little barn, so glad I use the in … Continue reading

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Farmgal’s Broody Hen Advice

Farmgal’s advice on “broody hens” Well, I have heard it a couple times in the last little while, either I want a broody hen or my hen went broody and I heard that is rare now a days, that broodyness … Continue reading

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