Hatch 1 -Last check before lock down.

Well, I will admit to be being a tough day to have lost a number of the eggs in between the checks but most of the loss’s where in the bought eggs, (bought hatching eggs have a poor hatch rate typically and these are right on par for it)

In total we are heading into lock down tomorrow with 32 eggs. As you can see there is a just a touch of space left on the point end down and there is a lovely air pocket on the round egg and between.. that solid color.. well I am sure you know this but its the chick.

So far I have been having a touch more trouble then normal keeping the temp and the humid correct as the outside temps have been up and down and the house temp has been up and down accordingly to a point. Thankfully its been quite minor per the temp gages results.

I have a auto turner, I love that freedom and I like that I do not need to open the top twice a day to turn the eggs but tomorrow, I will take out the turner, I will fill to the top the water in the trays and the eggs will go into lock down on their sides. If all goes well, we will have peeping and fluffy wee chicks by this weekend.


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2 Responses to Hatch 1 -Last check before lock down.

  1. LOL, now THAT’S a Happy Easter! Great photo: )

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