Blessed and Frugal all in one.

We have been a single vehicle family and farm for many years..  Its a interesting work around as it leaves me on the farm for days at a time with only foot or horse power to get me around.. but I am very blessed with good folks that live within walking distance of help if needed. I have a standing offer for a vehicle and I have rarely used that offer but a few times I have done so.

A dear friend of ours had a older but in very good shape car available for rehoming and we were lucky enough to be offered it, and we know a good thing when we see it.. it was snapped up.

Hubby took the train down to Toronto area for the meet, greet and paperwork and pickup..   He really enjoyed his time on the train and seeing the country from a different view point.

We were very surprised but thrilled that a few extra gifts were given, all second hand as the person is moving, including a splitting ax, a gas chain saw and the car has its winter tires on and a full set of all-season to switch them to and for me.. a box of wonderful saved herbs from the garden.. I have some plants on my farm that come from this wonderful family garden shared with me many years ago.

I have not looked though it, but I am hoping that perhaps a few seeds will be tucked into the box for me..

This car will allow great gas savings for hubby for the commute to where he picks up the bus to work, leaving me with the SUV on the farm and we will switch in winter so that he is driving the 4 by 4 in our snow and so forth. I will also use the car for when I am doing of the farm jobs to keep the travel costs down for everyone.


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4 Responses to Blessed and Frugal all in one.

  1. Widdershins says:

    What a wonderful treat. 🙂

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