Hot Tub, Visiting and Horse Rides

Its been a grand day, and it can be written up in two ways..

What a treat today has been, we have soaked in a Hot Tub, had a lovely visit with dear friends and found time to ride our horses in bright sunshine, with blue sky’s an hints of green showing in our pasture’s to be.. all of this is truth and it makes the day seem a bit of a slacker in a way..

But the other way is that we woke up early, did chores and was so stiff from the work of yesterday, that we snuck over to a friends just down the road for a hot tub soak to limber us up and while there we had a great visit, made plans and such. Zipped to town, got cash for the afternoon visit, did a bit of shopping, came home.. did more chores, worked in the yard, worked in the gardens, and then prepped-groomed the horses for the Ferrier, who arrived on time, we re-did Caleb’s shoes and such.. and this is Bojangles 3rd trim since arriving on the farm and I am really liking what I am seeing in terms of his feet.

Then we decided that it was a great idea to work a bit more with the horse’s, track them up and go for a short positive training ride and that is just what we did.. everything was a training event.. it was carefully done and it was great..

I have worked with the tack I have, and I have a pretty good idea of what will work and what won’t, we got to fit Bojangle’s new saddle and it fits him so much better then my wider draft saddles!, but even with new holes, I think I am going to get a new head piece for him, the reins are perfect and he likes his bit but I need a smaller head piece.

I had said half a hour to hubby and as it often happens when you are out with the horse’s, you lose track of time and it turned into a hour instead.

Now we are taking a bit of a break and then we will head back out.. we have another three hours of daylight, then I am going to do stretches and hit the bed early as I have so much planned for tomorrow.

I hope you had a grand day mixed with must do work, choose to do work and friends, and something that you consider fun! Because that to me is just a perfectly balanced day!

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1 Response to Hot Tub, Visiting and Horse Rides

  1. Widdershins says:

    Perfect days are such gifts. 😀

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