Pai-Tsai mustard greens

Fast growing, productive Pai-Tsai green from Taiwan. Fun Jen is a sweet tasting, mild mustard with crisp tender leaves and stems. Produces smooth, white petioles with slightly wrinkled light green broad leaves. Plant is semi-spreading and is tolerant to both heat and cold. Can be picked as a bunch as soon as 35 days from sowing.


Looking forward to  lots of seed from this lovely green, its a great soft, sweet green, not at all like my crisp o so spicy mustards.. love it



The plants grew so fast and heavy with flowers and seeds that I had to stake them to keep out of my walkway, I might have some cross pollination with a different mustard, It was the earliest to go to seed, so the lowest and first seed pods are going to only bag and the rest to another.. even if mixed a bit, does not matter to much to me as most of the seed will be used in winter for mirco green eating. these four plants I am saving seed on are very productive indeed.


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