Just Ducky..

Yesterday was so busy that I never got a post up..  and this morning and day is already up and going.. so its a picture heavy post for you..

We spent around two hours yesterday doing just a intent yard walk around, checking everything carefully to figure out what had or had not made the winter.. making lists of what needs to be pruned yet.. what has made babies that can be dug out and harvested, what need to be cut down (yesterday we cut out a small dogwood tree).

The pussy willows are “just” starting to come out.. overall we had a very few things that were winter killed.. this is excellent news, no loss’s of older items, only a few smaller start of things that didn’t survive the drought last year and the long cold winter.. sadly I lost my 6 little starts for the clove current bushes.

However the amount of damage done with the amazing amount of snow we have means that I have a good amount of pruning to do in regards to clean up, now that the I can get to the bushes, tree’s and small fruits and such.

So much yard and garden clean up to do.. the frogs are out, we had to be careful when raking in one side yard (we found a number of the bigger toads that will soon be helping make me hundreds of baby toads for the farm, and we carefully collected them and moved then to a safe area of the yard that we will not clean up for another week or two) that we were doing prep on as we are bringing a trailer in, as we will soon be starting on taking off an putting on a new shingle roof on the one section of the house (the rest of the roof is in tin) but not this section.. and it must be repaired and fixed before it could become a issue.




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