Mock Lobster and Veggie Pizza

I made a big batch of lovely oatmeal bread and buns today and grabbed a small ball and made it into a fresh pizza. I rarely have this one but I do like it.. When I was teen I loved shimp and mushroom pizza. It was my favorite, the local pizza place offered it as a special way back in the late 80’s,  no one else in my family would eat it and it was off the menu within a matter of a month, but they would make it for me as a custom order for years to come till I moved away.

I rarely buy these but about twice a year the mock seafood goes on sale and I buy three to six of the packages of the mock lobster either in the rolls of the clump form. I use these to my homemade sushi (yum)

Today however I made Mock lobster and Veggie pizza, A huge fresh mushroom, tons of red pepper, pasta sauce and herbs, no cheese and lots of little mock lobster pieces.. Delightful and a great flavour combo.

Seafood and mushrooms go together for me..  If you want to try something different.. give it a whirl! Its a

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1 Response to Mock Lobster and Veggie Pizza

  1. Widdershins says:

    Oh yes! One of my favourite toppings. 🙂

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