Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary to my Amazing Husband..

Dear Husband of mine, you are truly one of the best people I know! I am honored to have you in my life..  I have been blessed with 17 years in marriage and 18 years as a couple..  I lift my glass to you and here is to the next 20! Lets live life to the fullest my dear!


Time has flown by 17 years today, we were married in front of family and friends.. 17 years ago we were expecting our first child, our beautiful daughter..  17 years ago we were so full of dreams and hopes and plans! We were a internet hookup before it was the norm LOL Living in two different province or territory could not stop us..


We have lived in NWT, Nunavut, Quebec and Ontario, we have traveled and visited, camped and more in Yukon, B.C. Alberta, Sask, Man, Ontario, Quebec, Nunavut,  you have traveled in the states, my go to new places and learn new things bug had taken me to Greenland, Norway, Denmark, Holland, Finland and more..


We have truck camped, bush camped, hiked, boated and explored mines, trails, lakes and rivers.. Our love of nature has been with us, is part of us since the very beginning!


Our life has always been filled with the four-legged, purr-pots and hounds and feathered friends (budgie) in the north, and when we moved to the farm, it exploded..

Just one more first that we did together.. you got your first dog.. your wonderful Lily was with us for 14 years and our amazing Bella for 16..

My beloved old girls

I am so proud of you my love for learning to ride, because when I got my girl.. you were not going to be left at home.. you were coming for this part of my journey as well.

my rubber boot cowboy

You have come so far since this first barebacked wobbly being ponied ride on Brandy..


Now you are going on trail rides like a country pro.. Caleb has been a gift when it came to giving you trust in your mount, you took your first lesson, you took your first trot and canter on him.

dscn0723 dscn0727

But Caleb really is for this gal.. and so time came to get you a new riding horse.. we have welcomed in Bojangles.. so many years of adventures with our boys ahead of us.

IMG-20140515-00064 (600x450) (2)

You are one of the most honest, hardworking, caring men I know.. and I am honored to call you my best friend! I am beyond proud of your full time job, your work on the farm and your third job.. you are a talented writer and I am jump and down excited for the fact that you have been published time after time, leading to doing book signings, and even radio interviews about your works!

2013-01-01 2081 (600x450)

We walk a different path then most, growing, raising and harvesting our own food here on the farm, and I don’t think I could do it if I didn’t have your support..  thank you for helping me keep the dream alive!

farmer j




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10 Responses to Happy 17th Wedding Anniversary to my Amazing Husband..

  1. Monie says:

    Happy Anniversary you two!

  2. Shauna Z. says:

    What a lovely and very inspiring post. Here’s wishing you 20 more happy, healthy years together!

  3. suz says:

    awww. what a beautiful love story and thanks for sharing – you are a gifted writer as well. applause and happy anniversary.

  4. Karen says:

    Happy Anniversary! I hope there are many more than 20 years together in store for you two.

  5. Widdershins says:

    Happy Anniversary to you both 😀 … some good news to send 2016 off with it’s tail between its legs!

  6. 17?! Congratulations to you both and many, MANY more… : )

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