Wonderful Christmas of 2016

What a different and yet wonderful Christmas this year has been.. I spent the afternoon and evening on Christmas eve with my heart sister and it was the first time in very long and hard summer and fall that we have had hours to visit with just the two of us.. there was shopping, a drive, good food, a warm wood stove, more laughter, teasing, soul talk and tears..  It was needed, it was a blessing of kind that I am beyond grateful to have in my life.

Then Christmas came, the morning was spent with my husband and my wonderful farm, critters of all kinds.. everyone got their extra treats and hugs and pats and cuddles.. the stockings were filled this year by Santa’s Helper, he did a amazing job and I didn’t even have a hint on what it would be 🙂

I  got some amazing gifts, a new Northern Artist signed raven print.. (I collect ravens) and new hair sticks, new music and new journal to write in.. I got a bit of chocolate and a few other wee goodies.. it was not a huge loaded Christmas, but it was heartfelt and meant even more for it..

The phone rang all morning as parents, siblings, and aunts and uncles checked in with us.. older voices and young sweet ones, photos were sent of .. look what we got 🙂

Then I headed out to pick up Miss T and after tacking up, we took Bo out for a on farm ride and put him though his paces 🙂 What a good boy.. walk, trot, canter, lead changes, and light on his feet, smooth and willing.. could not ask for more for his second ride on the farm!


Then we packed up our parts of a lovely dinner to be, ham and cheese roasted potato dish and we visited and watched a Christmas movie.. Christmas with the Krakes.. it was funny and sweet.. and then more company arrived, so we visited and talked and arrived home just before midnight..

What more could I ask for.. time with my husband, time on my farm, time with my adopted family, a horse ride on Christmas :).. Love.. so much LOVE!!!

I truly hope yours was just as perfect for you! whatever kind of Christmas you like, I hope that is what you got!

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  1. Beautiful thoughts V. Merry Christmas…

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