Growing Melons in a Hugelculture Mound

Minnesota Midget (1948)

Developed by the University of Minnesota in 1948 and introduced by Farmer Seed Company. This fantastic variety is perfect for short season climates and small gardens. The short vines only reach 3′ long and are perfect for trellising and container growing. The 3-4″ fruit have extremely sweet golden flesh and are produced in abundance. An excellent, very early variety. A must for Northern gardeners! (60-65 days)

I was gifted just a few seeds, enough for one good melon mound, I did not want to put them in the big bed that the watermelon is going in.. so I needed a new hugelculture bed but one that would work for a few years and then I could work it back into the garden on the four year movement.


Bare ground, was worked in the last two years, was fallow last year


3 by 3 feet dig out of sod, then dug down 12 inches


two to three year composting wood chips with manure mixed


Each wheel barrel load was about 6 cubic feet added in


Six to eight inches deep one year composting walk way straw from garden


then the sod back but face down


Then one year old rough compost from a winter feeding hill


Then 2 or 3 year compost from no mans land


Then a load of dirt-compost -seven year pile


pit, water pipe, can water from top but also water roots in summer with the pipe


3 foot climber added in as well, the area around it will be straw bedded down and clean area for the plants and fruits to work on. the end product is 6 foot be foot plus at the base, four feet at the top, and 3 and half feet high, it should last for a full four year garden rotation

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4 Responses to Growing Melons in a Hugelculture Mound

  1. Deb Weyrich-Cody says:

    Now THAT’S a raised mound… LOVE the watering pipe in the middle – great idea – and thanks for all this detail!

  2. Sheri says:

    Darn! I knew I shouldn’t have tosses out all those cut-off fence post to the recycling bin! I just did that last Friday! Thank you for sharing this information and your process. I have never attempted growing melon. I do have a good spot to try it out but not until some grapes are pulled out (healed in 5 gallon buckets) and put in their permanent spots. I had some trellis building to do. I’ll be hunting for those seeds!

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