How was your 2016?

Its all over the news the past weeks and days.. 2016 was so bad..

My favorite line so far .. 2016 is limping to a close, battery and bruised and you think it was bad.. no you are wrong.. it was even worst then you think..

WOW!  I get it.. there have been some major things going on in 2016, I see the decreased incomes, I see the increase in food, shelter, power costs.. I see the up and many more downs in other counties, I see the wars, the famines, the droughts, the fires and the floods.

I see the coming political strive, I see the possible threats looming..

And 2016 kicked it when it came to some things in my own life.. dear friends with cancer, health issues with very close family members, the loss of one of Dear Hubbies Aunts, a accident that almost took the life of a much beloved teen and all the after mat that followed. and while I am not getting into in detail some answers to why we have had such a hard time trying for a child.. and that hope and dream died in that doctors office with black and white answers on a piece of paper..  maybe it was wishful thinking after 40 anyway.

And while not the same as people, the loss in my four legged in the past year has been brutal, yes, my oldest purrpot was 19, yes my oldest hound was 17, yes my Beloved mare gifted to me as my 40th birthday present had a health issue..  but the purrpot that got ran over, the younger hound that had a fast acting cancer, my beloved Bella having a massive stroke an Seizure in my arms in the middle of the night..

So ya, I get it.. I do..

But I am a 80’s child.. I grew up in the tail end of the cold war, and into the new age of breaking down walls, I grew up in a area of the country where it was on the redneck side.. I grew up on the poor side (and I am being kind by using that wording) I struggled in school with a learning issue that didn’t have a name back then..

I was raised by my mother and my extended family.. NO quit!  Trying is not good enough… get it done..  No, you can’t be anything you want to be.. (unless you are blessed with inborn talent and the money to support it) but you can learn to be ok at a lot, good at many things and outstanding at a few..

So with that in mind, 2016 still saw my husband fully employed, 2016 still saw both of us in good health. 2016 still saw the bills paid.. 2016 despite the drought, still saw us raise our own meat, eggs, milk, fruits and veggies..  so the selection is more limited but its all there..

2016 might be a turning point in your life.. it might have had something happen that made you make a choice that will create ripples that will be in effect for many years to come.. but it is not the be all.

Ripples can be fought, new Ripples can be made.. those ripples maybe be out there but drop a new rock or a log and suddenly everything can change.. and so for everyone that is reading those headlines..

Might I ask you to consider taking a deep breath and letting it out slowly..  if you have had something truly bad happen in 2016, I am sorry that it did, I am sending you strength and that if you are in the trenches that you have warmth, food, water and someone or something giving you cover, a ladder, or a helping hand.. whatever you need..

but for those of us, that had a mixed year..  maybe make a list of all the things that didn’t go wrong, that didn’t happen..  you know that time you slipped but caught yourself at the last second and walked it off.. that time you almost got hit but didn’t.. that time you where this close to clipping that deer but came to a safe stop with heart pounding, that time that you didn’t quite know what you were going to do on that month, and either you pulled yourself up by the boot straps and got it done or maybe you reached out and a friend came though for you..

Focus on what can be dealt with in the here and now..  I know its dated.. but learn from the past, live in the moment and prepare for the future..

Hugs to all my dear readers!

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9 Responses to How was your 2016?

  1. Widdershins says:

    Hugs for you too. 😀

  2. Karen says:

    Enjoyed reading this and coming away inspired to do better/my best in 2017.

  3. Aspenhills says:

    I read, but have never commented. However today you are an inspiration. I truly appreciate your attitude. I grew up on a dairy farm, where you both heated and cooked with wood, the out house was out back, and real luxury was the red hand pump in the kitchen that hopefully was fed by a rain water cistern. So I know that life isnt always easy, but my year was bad. I lost my dearly beloved sister, and my best friend and was used and abused by love. One would have been a crushing defeat, all made my world turn black…….my new goal is to create ripples.

  4. Thank you V, your honesty is stunning. Much love and best wishes for 2017

  5. grammomsblog says:

    Thanks for sharing. Even though I lost part of my body to cancer this year, I gained SO much more! I got a new grandchild!; and 4 new kittens; my well didn’t run dry; and I kept cool in the summer/warm in the winter; I’m healthy enough to still bring in my firewood every day to keep my wood cookstove going; I feel truly blessed.
    I consider you a friend and I’m grateful for that. HUGS to you Farmgal as we move into 2017.

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