Chick, Turkey Pullet and Ducking Updates.

Chick update 3 weeks in.

Meat Chicks..  HUGE!, feathering out.. going though a crazy amount of food and water and I am starting to see the difference in regards to the choice to sit down more.. I also have had my first chick this week that is having a leg issue.  Its not broken but its clear limping.

I also find they bunch harder together then my own chicks tend to do so.. However I am asking finding they are interested in greens when its added to their area to give them something to nibble on.. I am going to introduce a dust bath area..  They are doing well.. but they are different.

Brown Egg Layer Hatchery Female Chicks -3 Weeks in

All growing well, feathering out nicely and they are good size chicks, happy, active friendly, all over their pen and into everything.. very smart girls..  I am just pleased over all with them.. the group of them is very steady.. no runt, all so even in their growth and habits.

Mixed Flock Chicks- 5 Weeks

No longer needing extra heat and while they are more feathered out, they are smaller, taller but leaner then the Brown Egg Layers.. Mix of colors and types.. its so clear looking between the two that they are mixed vs a breed 🙂

Turkey Pullets – 3 weeks

Growing well, getting taller and feathers starting to come in nicely.. they are healthy and bright.. they are chirpy as turkeys tend to be.. when they are a bit bigger, I hope to safely introduce them to Whistle the Turkey hen and combine them together. I am pleased with their health, growth and temperment

Ducklings-1 week

11 healthy black and white ducklings. Hatched here on the farm and more coming, I am aiming for 60 ducklings ideally.. These are a lovely group of ducklings and they are being raised by a hen.. Growing well, all even in size at this time.. I should start to see a difference in the next couple weeks with the males growing faster and bigger compared to females.

I have three more hens sitting on nests and ideally they will hatch out approx. another 30 ducklings this spring.

Overall, I am very happy with how the chicken, turkey and duck plan is coming along..

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3 Responses to Chick, Turkey Pullet and Ducking Updates.

  1. Silveryew says:

    Glad to hear it’s going well!

  2. valbjerke says:

    Not sure your feeding plan….we take ours off of the chick starter at around three weeks and switch to a 14-16 % grower ration (mash not pelleted) and add ground wheat which drops it a bit more. If you keep them on the high protein they grow too fast and problems arise. Also oyster shell (or egg shells) to help the bone strength. 🙂

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