Gal in the Garden Series – Kitchen Garden Update

The long weekend has come and gone and we had amazing weather,  our first hot/muggy day, black flies have arrived and a crazy amount of rain overnight.. to this we were able to get a lot of work done..

My hubby moved a couple tons of sub-soil and then another ton or more of top soil and then mulch lol.. I am cut down bad plants, directed and did garden things waist high.. so grateful for higher longer tools that allow me to still stay busy in the gardens.

The front section of the kitchen garden is backfilled, created and top soil leveled and the bones of the gardens for plot 1 and plot 3 are done and plot 2 if fully planted and the small circle garden is made and planted! Here is a full series of photos to show you different stages 🙂

Plot 1 being built.. below, plot on first row of the coming agains and the fruiting bushes, there are honeyberries and blueberries bushes. and the first of the walkways in. and the front area is seeded into flowering lawn mix.

Plot 2 is a single 3 foot plot, where as plot one is a 6 foot by 22 foot bed.

Ok so second level of annuals for kitchen plot one is in, plus the start of the end plantings on both end of plot one.. Single plot two is now built and fully planted..  there is lovage, rhubarb, two clove current bushes, assorted herbs and edible flowers as well as chives and garlic chives and it connects to the raised brick strawberry bed at the end.

Next we put in the circle small round garden with the walk around it, it might not look like much now but when its fully filled in and in bloom its going to be very pretty indeed. The photo below shows it in regards to the new built and extended rock garden at the corner of the deck.

Then came the biggest challange to date.. Plot 3.. you see it had so many trees and stumps pulled out of it, the drop off was crazy.. at its highest point, we had to do the sub-soil refill between 12 to 16 inches just to bring it level to the down slope of the yard, without even looking at blocking at the back of the plot or top soil fill..

This plot is 22 feet long by 7 feet wide.. It looks so easy in the photo.. but hubby put in hours on sunday and then as I was helping at a local 4h club most of Monday, he worked on this all day to have this ready for planting with me when I got home late Monday afternoon.

So then we got the back/tallest planting in.. there are honeyberries, blueberries, red currents, assorted shrubs (they are in for the next year or two and then will be transplanted out into the next layer behind this one but they needed in the ground NOW and this works for this year) and then assorted herbs on both ends.

So there is still lots of planting to do in that bed. I have started some seeds early and will transplant out, but a lot of the rows will be seed planted out directly in the next week 🙂 and then the rest infilled once the heat loving plants can finally go out!

And there she is! I will get better photos but its what I got last night.. the front half of the new kitchen garden is built.. some planting left to be done yes, and some minor touch ups here and there but overall, the main bones are all in.. and that puts us around the 60% mark for the new kitchen garden..

I like it! I can’t wait to see if grow and mature over the season and the next years.. Thanks for coming on the tour 🙂

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3 Responses to Gal in the Garden Series – Kitchen Garden Update

  1. Silveryew says:

    Well done, I can’t wait to see what you’ll be able to grow there. We are hoping to have some raised beds in our front garden eventually, so hopefully we will really be able to grow things then.

  2. Widdershins says:

    Looking good! 😀 … here’s hoping Mother Nature cooperates. 🙂

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