Farmgal’s Photography May 16 2019

Its a good thing I got some photos earlier in the week as I would not have photos for you over the past few days and I will own up that the lovely sunset photo was taken by hubby.

I have been doing so well in my recovery of my slipped disk in my back combined with my pulled tendon that went with.. at least I was until Monday when I forgot to lock a gate and the horse’s and half the sheep flock got out and had a wonderful time tromping though gardens, knocking things down and  sticking their noses and hoof’s in places they should not be! In getting them back in, I got knocked at just the perfect height sideways twisting just the wrong way by my 200 pound ram.. and all my healing went poof and I have been having a very poorly week since.

However as they say.. on with the show!

I am really loving how the lambs look this year in the cross over with king.. they are knick together really well.. however.. this little one was not to be in this pasture.. they are in lock down while the pastures start growing.. and while I re-seed again.. (please do drought this year!) right now its the other way.. its to wet.. sigh.. weather thought are a heartless bleep

My first moth spotted on May 13th on the farm.. I think it was a pretty one.. no clue what type (anyone want to take a guess?) I am open to learning. its a cute one and I hate moths.. They totally wig me.. its a long story.. one of those kid things.. as a adult I can control my desire to run screaming flapping my hands when they flutter in my face but barely!

I have not been on chore duty for the past couple days, leaving both morning and evening to hubby and extra feeding given as I am not doing my regular lunch checks and top ups.. its just the way it must be with me down as much as I am at the moment..   He smiled at me and said.. there is something on the camera for you.. you missed it last night…

He was very right.. what a pretty sunset 🙂 and look at the leaves coming out on those tree’s.. spring is so slow but it is coming! slowly every so slowly the world is turning green and coming back to life.


This week but not on my farm, the lovely bright yellow was popping.. at my place I have just a few of these pretty’s just starting to show up.. but I can’t wait till they are out in full force.. so many yummy dishes will be calling my name.


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10 Responses to Farmgal’s Photography May 16 2019

  1. What a pretty place you are surrounded by. That sunset was amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Silveryew says:

    What lovely pictures, but what a shame about your back, I hope you feel better soon!

    • Hi Silver, a slipped disk is going to take months to heal but I will just take how I was feeling on Monday again.. but thank you for your kind words.. I liked that I didn’t have any birds this week lol.. well I did but I didn’t pick them to up..

  3. Uggg. Hope you are healing well.

  4. Gail says:

    Wishing you peace while you recover. Springtime is a hard time to be laid up.

  5. Widdershins says:

    I hope you gave that ram a stern talking-to!
    The beasties must’ve thought all their Christmases had come at once when the discovered the unlocked gate. Hope not too much damage was done.
    May your back heal completely, without any more ‘ram’ming. 🙂

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