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The Duck Plan of 2019

I raised Muscovy Ducks, they are not like other duck breeds. They hiss and wag their feathers like a dog would. They do not quack like the “other duck” breeds do. They are their own line.. If you breed a … Continue reading

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Getting Ready for spring egg laying.

I know it seems like its right in the hard part of winter and I know from talking to my family and friends that they are either into hunker down mode or they are hitting the slopes, the trails and … Continue reading

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Winter Duck House

Now if any of you have ever tried to house your ducks with your chickens over winter you know the issues.. 1) they make everything wet 2) they will mess with your water if given a chance 3) they do … Continue reading

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Duck Breeding Program

I am not raising a beef calf at the moment, I went to get a calf this spring, I did, I am picky on what I get and where I get it from, I get my week old calf*s from … Continue reading

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